Stacey truly holds the title of "Master networker/Master Teacher. They are simultaneous abilities that she has mastered and willingly shares for the benefit of all who step into the workshop with her. I am no longer afraid to go have fun while networking!" Rick Clemons, Life Coach – Life Incognito
Stacey O’Byrne’s "Become a Master Networker" Course has completely shifted my paradigm as it relates to being a networker and how I perceive networking. Stacey’s content-packed, value-rich course will absolutely change the way you think about and engage in your networking events and activities. Stacey challenges you to rethink, re-evaluate, and reform everything you thought you knew about effective networking and managing professional businesses relationships, and more importantly how to LEVERAGE them!
Stacey’s networking philosophy is highly evolved and virtually not known in many business circles! Her personal experiences, inherent knowledge, and extensively researched information that she imparts is nothing like I’ve ever heard, read, or studied before in my 4 years of networking and in my network marketing business. Stacey has been a breath of fresh air for me and my personal and professional networking mindset and activities! Tim Watkins, Pre Paid Legal
Have you ever left a training feeling energized and ready to take on the world? Well, I did when I took Stacey O’Byrne’s Master Networker seminar. I’m so glad I took her seminar so I can avoid some of the common mistakes networkers make. The class was a good mix of every level of networker and each person in the class walked away with useful tools to improve their networking. The workshop was interactive and Stacey used real examples from students in the class to illustrate her points. This was very useful since they were real lessons that we could use and we were able to learn from each other. Also, the mix of students in the class allowed us to practice our networking skills and make great new contacts. I highly recommend you take Stacey O’Bryne’s Master Networker workshop if you would like your business to grow. Lana Holt, Team Beachbody
The Become A Master Networker seminar is an invaluable set of lessons anchored in sound business principles and ethical underpinnings. The tools utilized are effective in helping business men and women expand their respective businesses via effective networking techniques and hands-on activities. Stacey O’Byrne speaks from the heart and from an expanded repertoire of personal and business experiences. Her combined down-to-earth style and wealth of information is rarely offered by professionals in such a generous manner. She does a wonderful job of synthesizing her own creative ideas and techniques with those of the masters such as Plato, Reich and Maxwell. Her classes are entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking. Without judgement of those new to the business world, Ms. O’Byrne simultaneously challenges seasoned business owners. These seminars are ideal for the individual committed in personal self-investment and/or the corporation desiring to take its teams to the ‘next level’. The concepts presented are purposeful in the work environment as well as in the personal arena. This education is definitely worth the monetary and time commitments. You will not be disappointed when you take the Become A Master Networker from Stacy O’Byrne, who has produced an OUTSTANDING training. Dr. Lucy Rojo, Holistic Healing
Stacey has been coaching me for about a month. During that time I have made adjustments to how I approach clients with regard to money, budgets, collections, etc. With Stacey’s help, I have examined my attitude about money and my discomfort with asking for what I’m worth. Through a better understanding of myself and minor tweaks in approach, I have realized a 50% increase in income during the month of May. THANK YOU SO MUCH Stacey for your expertise! I highly recommend Stacey to anyone who feels they’re on the verge of greatness, but feel there is something holding them back. Stacey has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. She guides her clients to figure out the steps to move forward and overcome the hurdles that are holding them back. Donna Watson, Designer Mouse
Have your “networking” efforts turned into “net-snacking” efforts? Are you frustrated with your networking results? The solution for both of these is Stacey O’Byrne and her “Master Networker” workshop. Stacey lays out a 21 step process for developing a networking plan that is effective and powerful. Stacey encourages people to discover the possibilities available when “thinking outside of the box” and the true essence of building powerful relationships. As Stacey says, “your philosophy towards networking, directly effects your results.” Stacey has given us the steps to develop a laser focused networking strategy. During Stacey’s Master Networking workshop, I was able to start developing business relationships that had never occurred to me in the past. By the end of the Master Networker workshop, I had an outline of a new networking plan and a strategy that has changed my networking focus. Stacey is a true “Master Networker” and her workshop is a MUST for anyone serious about growing their business through the power of networking. Thank you Stacey!! Sheryl Fielder, Primerica
Tools I learned at Stacey’s Master Networker session have totally turned around my effectiveness as a networker… As she says, it’s not "net-eating" or "net-chatting"….It’s "networking". With the tips she provides, it is also "net-worthy". Donna Watson, Designer Mouse
Stacey is not only a Master Networker but a Master Facilitator as well. Her combination of authenticity and expertise, compassion and humor, professionalism and approachability make for an engaging, highly informative workshop. She addresses all the concerns of networkers of all levels and has a bag full of creative tips, anecdotes, and success stories to convince anyone that networking isn’t at all about "working" a room to collect a pocket full of business cards, but about creating sustainable relationships and strategic power alliances. After taking her workshop I feel more confident about becoming a Master Networker and having fun at the same time. If you’ve got any reservations about your ability to become a Master Networker then I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops. Deb Dutilh, Core Energy Relationship Coach
I wanted to express the wonderful experience that you had given me on May 20, 2011. I took your workshop “How to become a Master Networker”. Not what I expected in a workshop, I mean that in a very positive and meaningful manner. Instructing us on how to be a Master Networker is much more than what it seems to the regular observer. You had highlighted how to be yourself and congruent in a networking group. How to engage in conversations and to be true to yourself with every person you meet. I was really impressed by what you had to offer and teach us, I learned a lot more about how I show up to a meeting and how important it is for me to be aware of how I network with professionals in a networking group. I really learned a great deal on how to be aware of my intents and how to have a clear and positive attitude to networking. My previous experiences have only been social with networking groups and your workshop has outlined how I should really approach each networking group. I would not hesitate to recommend my family, friends and professional partners to your workshop so they too can enjoy a wonderful experience like I did. Jonathan Campos, VIP’s Inc

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