Have you ever heard the old adage, “Back to the drawing board?” It harkens back to a need for a vision when seeking to take action toward your goals and dreams. Everything that has been designed has blueprints that began with a vision. In order to get the success you want and desire, you need to get your mind behind this vision and understand that your results are determined by how you spend your time. And to know how to spend your time, you need to understand what you really want and craft a plan to get there. 

In business and in many facets of life, your short and long-term results are created by how you spend your time each day. Every second, minute, and hour of each day counts, and when people ask me about the cost of inaction, I find it difficult to put it into words, as there’s really no more significant mistake in business than to be inactive in the moments that count most. Your vision cannot accommodate inaction. You cannot support your vision with an expectation that you will simply get results without creating actionable steps to reach your goals. 

What does inaction look like?

In reality, it looks like you not achieving your goals and dreams. It looks like you constantly saying you cannot afford the things you want. It looks like a long list of excuses. You will find yourself stressed and feeling overwhelmed by the feeling of being constantly “busy.” Everything in your life will feel like all work and no play. You may feel like you are constantly responding to whatever is “yelling loudest” in your life and chasing your business rather than designing it. 

Inaction can also look like stagnance. You may find yourself procrastinating and unable to silence the itty bitty shitty committee in your mind telling you what you are incapable of. 

And what is the cost of inaction? Everything. 

The cost of inaction will be perpetual busy work. You start confusing planning with making checklists. Without an implementation schedule of strategic activities, you will find yourself busy but not seeing any financial gains. The execution of this schedule is vital to your success. The reality is that the best ideas and strategies are worthless unless massive action is taken. Ideas without execution are worthless. It’s time to stop creating new ideas and plans and allow yourself to execute the ideas you have. 

The cost of inaction is self-doubt and fear. This feeling will creep in only when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Then, you’ll begin second-guessing yourself and your abilities to lead, and ultimately imposter syndrome will kick in. 

I urge you today to find your why and remove all the self-doubt you’ve been harboring. If you find yourself inactive or overwhelmed and lacking confidence and courage, step into your power. Take a look at your schedule and what needs to be done, and allow yourself to take every necessary action. Every journey starts with a step, and the first step is typically the hardest. If you need help taking that first step reach out to us today.