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The 5 Essential Skills You Need to Be A Successful Leader

I get asked an interesting question quite frequently, “How do I become a successful leader people want to do business with?”

In order for us to achieve the success we want to achieve as leaders, we have to do things differently than we’ve ever done them before. When you are a leader in your field, prospective clients will easily want to follow and work with you if your vision and purpose help them.

There are a lot of different answers to this question. I put together a list of skills that, when deployed simultaneously, position you to a point where people will seek you out as a leader and people will want to work with you because of your superior leadership skills.

Here are the Top 5 Skills all Great Leaders Have:


Communication is the backbone of success! Effective communication is vital for every single entrepreneur, sales professional, business owner, and leader. Effective communication is an extremely powerful technique that you can leverage. It is a great advantage that makes sales easy, effective, and efficient.

Years ago, I heard a quote from Brian Tracy “Your ability to communicate with others will account for a full 85% of success in your business and in your life.” There is immense truth behind this quote.

The biggest mistake leaders make is that they assume communication has happened.

It doesn’t matter who you are, communication is the responsibility of the communicator. Ask yourself this, are you listening to understand and speaking to be heard? Or, are you simply assuming communication has happened?

Leaders set themselves apart when they have the ability to share clear messages and make complex ideas easy to understand for everyone.

To do this, you need to understand not only your communication style, but also the communication style of the person you are interacting with. Mastering the science and skillset behind communication can be your best tool for success.

Active Listening

Active listening means listening to understand instead of listening to respond. It’s a skill that requires genuine engagement. It means understanding the other person beyond their words – what they are truly communicating.

Our words can inaccurately represent how we actually think and feel. A great leader understands that the message behind the words tells more than the words ever do. If you listen to connect with the person, you hear their beliefs, intentions, and desires.

By truly understanding people, you can tailor your products, services, and strategies to meet their needs. Active listening also enhances leadership capabilities, as leaders who listen attentively can inspire trust, boost morale, and make more informed decisions.

It fosters stronger relationships by demonstrating respect, empathy, and understanding towards others. It builds trust and rapport, as people feel valued and heard when their thoughts and feelings are acknowledged.

Active Listening


In business, it is absolutely critical to master the art of negotiation. Poor negotiations can cripple your business. One of the most important things leaders need to do is negotiate with clients and team members.

While most negotiation strategies seem like common sense, it’s not uncommon for people to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and ignore their basic instincts.

However, what we know is that allowing our emotions to rule will inevitably lead us down the path of failure. It’s important for anyone who wants success in negotiations to understand how to manage your emotions and also avoid unwarranted feelings which could cause mistakes at any moment during these difficult discussions with another person or business associate.

The one thing you have to remember is this…check your ego at the door and keep focused on the reason for the negotiations. Being prepared and creating an outcome that is a win-win for both parties is how a true leader negotiates.


Rapport is the ability to create an authentic relationship quickly. The best leaders out there are skilled in building rapport with anyone and everyone they meet. Often, they are able to do this through active listening – by observing communication and processing queues and then matching them.

The best leaders build rapport quickly, authentically, and with integrity.

People do business with people they trust. Learn to fine-tune your physiology, body language, tonality, positive word choice, and knowledge of processing styles to help you be in sync with, connect with, and build rapport with potential customers and team members.

The reality is people don’t ever make a buying decision based on the product, service, or solution that you’re providing. People invest in and follow the person that they align with, trust, connect with, and have a rapport with.

The fact is, if a connection isn’t made, people will seek out someone else to do business with.


Self Development

Industry leaders are constant learners. They continually seek to learn from other people’s experiences. Whether it’s books, courses, or coaches – they are constantly learning. They live by the mantra, “What you feed grows and what you starve dies.”

Our entire life is a program that we run. We are the authors of it. We can change it.

Instead of avoiding the areas in your life where you feel weak, put your focus on them, then devise a plan of solutions.

Stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone because your comfort zone is where dreams go to die. Insert yourself into the right environments to sharpen your tools. Improving your mindset and developing leadership skills will help you to build a strong foundation for business and team growth.

Investing in personal development not only helps you grow as a person but as a leader, too. It allows you to become an even better version of yourself on a personal and professional level.

There is no failure, only feedback. Allow yourself to learn from that feedback. If you avoid the learnings and push them away, you miss the opportunity to evolve. Everything that presents itself in our lives is an opportunity to grow and learn.

If we push away those learnings, we will end up repeating the mistakes. Those learnings are what you need to take your life, your success, and your bank account to the next level. Love yourself through learning!

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Leader

Confidence is the key to success for leaders. And, confidence is a product of your mindset.

A confident entrepreneur, sales professional, business owner, or leader finds it easy to explore new opportunities, new ideas, and new strategies.

  • Be the leader you deserve to be.
  • Be the leader your prospective clientele and your team is waiting for.
  • Be the leader that they need and they want.
  • Be the leader that you dream of so you can have the business that you’ve always wanted.
  • Be the leader that people want to do business with, that people constantly seek out!

Mastering relationships, achieving the proper mindset, and attaining the necessary motivation will catapult you away from failure and on to your journey of greatness as a leader. So, how do you do it?

NLP for Leadership Development

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, and Sales Professionals…

  • Have you reached a plateau in your career, business, or personal life?

  • Are you tired of not reaching the level of success and leadership you imagined?

  • Do you want to become the type of leader people seek out?

  • Have you been searching for more in your life and in your business?

  • Are you READY for change?

The answer you’re searching for is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)!

NLP is the study of excellence which shows us how our thinking produces our behavior. It’s the method for learning to model excellence and reproduce that behavior. This course is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, and Sales Professionals looking to develop or enhance their communication and negotiation skills to become better leaders.

You can live the life of your dreams. The life that you’ve always desired, dreamed of, and deserve. It is possible.

Real and lasting success is easy when you learn how to get out of your own way. We’ll show you how at Successology™ Mastery Academy NLP Training, an 8-day live certification course in Neuro-Linguistics Programming.

Change YOUR language to change YOUR life – Become the Leader you’ve always wanted to be!

The skills all great leaders have are based on science. And that science is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an innovative approach to understanding and directing our human experience, communication, and behavior, as well as learning the ability to tap into and create human excellence. This science is leading-edge technology for accelerated human change.

We now finally understand the relationship between mind, body, emotions, and action. Using these technologies, we can create what we want in every area of our lives. The quality of your life mirrors the quality of your communication.

This 8-day course teaches you how to communicate, negotiate, and build rapport more authentically and effectively than ever before with your clients and team members!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most practical, results-oriented communication for detecting, understanding, and getting in control of our conscious and most importantly our unconscious thinking.

At NLP for Leadership Development, we will show you how to use NLP for yourself and with others – as a leader, manager, entrepreneur, and coach.

At NLP for Leadership Development, you’ll learn to…

  • Achieve agreement with anyone. >>> The art of negotiation.

  • Create instant connection. >>> Build rapport.

  • How to use your 5 senses to represent internally the information from the world. >>> Representational systems.

  • Understand the “programming software” of your mind. >>> Submodalities.

  • Use words eloquently and with purpose. >>> Language Patterns.

  • Control your feelings and your state of mind. >>> Anchoring.

  • Control your unconscious mental sequence to create specific results. >>> Strategies.

  • Stop inner conflicts that drain your energy and block the results you desire. >>> Parts.

By the end of this 8-day course, you’ll feel motivated, inspired, organized, and in control.

Most importantly, you’ll be ready to step into a leadership role in your life and in your business

The Best of the Best in the NLP Industry


With Pivot Point Advantage, you’ll find a fully NLP-trained and certified team! All of our coaches are NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners, or NLP Trainers.

Our trainings are each taught by Board Certified NLP Trainers and Master Trainers.

What does that mean? This means that we are focused on YOU.

  • We meet YOU where you are

  • Then we take you where YOU want to go.

When you attend NLP for Leadership Development, you are being monitored and supported by our highly trained board-certified practitioners, Master Practitioners, NLP Master Coaches, NLP Trainers, and Master Trainers.

During our NLP for Leadership Development course, our trainers teach the modalities from the perspective of each major area of the life wheel: Career, Money, Health, Friends & Family, Significant Other & Love, Personal Growth, Fun & Recreation, and Physical Environment.

We focus on teaching and training from the perspective of Content, Integration, Transformation, and Evolution.

What can I expect at NLP for Leadership Development?

NLP for Leadership Development is an 8-day live and in-person training event!

Over the course of two (4-day) long weekends, you’ll fully immerse yourself in your NLP training and practitioner certification experience.

We start at about 10 AM each morning and go until about 6 PM in the evening with a substantial lunch break in the middle.

Each morning, we begin with a debrief and Q&A session. We take time for questions and to process what we experienced the prior day. This is where major shifts happen as we all learn from one another.

The Q&A and debrief are followed by guided lessons and hands-on activities to solidify what you learned. We teach to all learning styles. These activities allow you to implement what you are absorbing. You are not simply taught at. You are an active participant in the experience. You do and receive.

Our guarantee is that during the entire 8-day training experience, you will never receive a sales pitch. This is 100% training and unlike any other NLP certification around.

What are the Benefits of Attending Live Training?

Of course, there is an abundance of online NLP training programs. Our program exceeds them in our successful results, every time. There are many advantages to attending our in-person training and certification event through Pivot Point Advantage.

  • A personalized and transformational learning experience
  • Group interaction with trainers and other participants
  • Fast-paced and guided learning experiences
  • Eight days of complete immersion
  • Immediate reception of your completion certificate upon graduation
  • The opportunity for action-oriented, transformational, and experiential learning

Pivot Point Advantage students get results! Not simply a one-time boost in results immediately following the experience. Not results that take ages to implement and turn a profit.

Immediate and sustainable results!

These results come from the energy, power, and transformation that takes place when you are immersed in and actively engaged in a live and in-person training. The Pivot Point Advantage Team will guide you to discover your blocks and break through them! Inspired by your training experience, you will discover how to communicate more authentically and effectively than ever before, with your clients, team members, loved ones, and most importantly with yourself!

At Pivot Point Advantage, our trainings are rooted in achieving exceptional results and transformation in an action-oriented environment. We focus on teaching and training from the perspective of content, integration, transformation, and evolution. Additionally, the Successology™ Mastery Academy training program will set you apart as a certified NLP Practitioner. During your experience, you will never be sold at. This training is all training, zero pitch.

NLP is a powerful tool.
Our goal is to make it accessible for all!

We believe in investing in those who want to invest in themselves. For that reason, we have created an environment where you can attend training now and pay over time with zero interest.

Interest-Free Payment Plans Available!

  • No credit checks
  • No interest
  • Payments are deducted automatically from your credit card

It’s easy to make shift happen! It all starts with you taking the first step.

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