• Are you constantly asking yourself why success is so hard? 
  • What about success is complicated and difficult for you? 
  • Do you like to put yourself and your business out there, or have you joined the entrepreneurial witness protection program where you hide behind a screen and convince yourself you’re busy? 
  • Are you wondering what other people think of you?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up for your lack of progress?

Your answers to these questions all impact whether success will be easy or difficult for you. Take some time and reflect on your answers to these questions and start changing how you view success today by implementing the following tips. 

Define success for yourself. 

Some people define it as making money, but I suggest you include abundance in all areas of your life in your definition of success. Seek to thrive personally and professionally. Financial success is important, but so are your relationships and self-care. Get clear on your vision of success, where you want to be, and where you are now. Stop comparing yourself and your success to others. There are varying degrees of success; how you define it will depend on your priorities and goals. These might differ significantly from the priorities and goals of another entrepreneur. Spend some time working toward a definition of your version of success today. 

Understand your relationship with money. 

Do you often express that money doesn’t motivate you? Ask yourself if this is actually true or if it is something you are saying to attempt to convince yourself that your lack of financial success is ok. Reflect on whether this is an excuse for not having what you want and need. Think about why you don’t have the financial resources you want and why you’ve decided that money doesn’t motivate you. This may be one of the reasons why finding success in every aspect of your life is so difficult.

Our relationship with money is often tied heavily to our past and what we learned about money and materialism in our childhood. Many of us were instructed not to talk about money, as it was a private matter. It may have been an obvious stressor in your family, and it may continue to contribute to the stress in your life. It’s time to understand that money is nothing more than an energy exchange. It’s ok to be honest with yourself and others about it. 

Make the choice to allow success to be simple. 

Life, and the success you find within it, really is all about choice. You can choose to compare yourself to others and dwell on past mistakes, or you can gain the tools to reprogram your mindset. You can choose to accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life so you have the ability to learn and shift from it. You can choose to surround yourself with others who elevate you and want to do more, be more, and leave the world a better place. Finally, you can choose to hold yourself accountable to a plan and insert yourself in places that elevate you toward success. Stop choosing to make excuses to struggle and allow others to tell you what you’re worth. No one runs your life but you. 

Retrain your brain for success.

You can choose to obtain the tools to update your mindset. It might be time to seek some personal development. If you are ready to make shift happen, reach out to me to help you dig in and help your brain focus on what you want. Change happens in a second, and it’s the second you allow it to happen. Stop doing the same things and accepting the same results. If you want different results, do something different and contact me today.