Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #6

Sales Mindset for Success

Stacey shares how to create the mindset necessary to achieve the success in life.

The Three Key Elements of a Successful Mindset

  1. Have a growth mindset.
  2. Trust yourself.
  3. Love yourself through learning.

“What we feed grows and what we starve dies.” -Stacey O’Byrne



(First ~2 mins)

This is sell without selling, episode 6.


Today’s topic is sales and success mindset. Reality is this. In order to have a successful sales and success mindset, it’s very important to avoid desperation. See, reality is, if you have to, need to close business, make a sale, earn money, you’re projecting an energy that is going to get in the way. You’re showing up from a perspective of creating an environment where it’s all about the revenue generation, and less about solving someone’s problem, solving someone’s need, their want, desire.

Reality is this, people want to be able to buy. People want to avoid being sold to, and it’s being sold to that makes them feel uncomfortable. So it’s important to remember to avoid this desperation, because when you avoid the desperation, you never have to sell. This allows you to step into selling without ever selling.

The way you want to do this is to have a strong, successful mindset. I am going to share with you today 5 elements of what it takes to have a strong, successful mindset.

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