Sell Without Selling Podcast

Success Talk and Doubling Business with Natasha Bures

Episode #266

On this episode: Stacey is joined by Natasha Bures. Natasha is the founder/CEO of Prairie Flower Billing. Prairie Flower Billing, LLC is a growing medical billing and patient insurance verification business that was started in August of 2020. Listen in as Stacey and Natasha discuss, building a business from nothing, scaling up, and the struggles to entrepreneurship!

Key Takeaways

  • No one can sell you as good as you.
  • Coaching is really working together towards a solution.
  • Entrepreneurs get to create future opportunities.

Today’s guest: Natasha Bures

Natasha Bures, founder/CEO of Prairie Flower Billing Established August 2020 – Got my first client in September and everything took off from there. Since that point, I have only strived to learn more so that I can better assist my clients in whatever ways they need. I started out graduating college with an Animal Ecology degree and never expected to go into the Healthcare industry. (I actually have 3 degrees, Animal Ecology BS, Environmental Science AS, and Business Administration AS) After graduating college, I landed a fantastic internship working with a variety of clients all over Iowa to help save the majestic Monarch butterfly. Once my internship came to a close though I still hadn’t found a permanent position so I applied for a very part time job at a new mental health clinic as an administrative assistant. At the time I had no idea this would change the entire trajectory of my career path. Immediately I fell in love with the work! I quickly began to learn the ins and outs of billing and insurance claim rejections and get promoted over the four years I was there.



“You have to find the need and fill it. Make sure there is a business case for what you’re doing.” -Stacey O’Byrne