Mindset is key

Our mindset determines everything in our life. It will determine our successes, our failures, our income…everything.  It also affects how we see the world. It is the lens we are looking through.  That lens is the culmination of all our thoughts, emotions, opinions and experiences throughout our life.  I’m sure you’ve heard “what we feed grows and what we starve dies”.  Our mindset determines what’s important to us and what isn’t important to us.  Our mindset is dictated by a multitude of variables. Some we are aware of and others we are not.

One of the things that dictates our mindset is our value system.  Our “core” values (not the ones that you think are important to you) that truly make an impact and a difference.  These are usually ones you don’t even know you have.  They are your core beliefs.  They’ve been ingrained in you over time.  These core beliefs shift as you shift and evolve as you evolve.  The truth of the matter is, they also determine what you are willing to do and not willing to do.  At your most unconscious level they will impact something that isn’t in alignment with your value system.

What is holding you back?

Another thing that impacts our mindset that we might not be aware of are emotional traumas.  Experiences that we’ve had in our past can impact our mindset at a deep unconscious level.  These experiences can block our journey to success. It can easily form limiting thoughts or beliefs. How can we take a traumatic event or even multiple traumatic events and use them to our advantage?  Can we grow from and learn valuable life lessons from them? Does learning from them move us towards success in our life?

It’s all in the shift of mindset.  When I teach my students I often get a little push back on this “theory.” Being at cause is greater than being in effect”.   The students will often come up with an excuse as to why it won’t apply to them.  They didn’t “cause” x to happen.  It was purely circumstantial.  It’s easier to be at cause and feel empowered than to be in effect and be a victim. I will elaborate more on this at another time.

What do you know?

Your environment and your decision to make excuses. The choices you make or don’t make. Allowing yourself to respond to your day or react to your day. To plan your success or choose not to plan your success.  You want to be less reactive and more proactive.  These are all choices that you make daily.  The reality is this…. you control more of your mindset than you believe.  It’s just whether or not you know that you do or you don’t know that you do.

Updating your programming is as easy as updating your technology.  You get to train your brain how to be successful.  When was your last upgrade?  What operating system are you running on?