I love the holiday season. For me, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I love what it brings out in people. I love the joy, the love, the feeling, and the emotion that surrounds the season. There’s just something special about unity and celebration. 

From a business perspective, I love the energy and the hope. That glimmer that returns to people’s eyes because a new year is just around the corner and they get a fresh, new start as they begin to plan for their next year in business. It’s like a chance to start all over.

Have you heard this before (or said it yourself) 

This is going to be my year! 

The biggest mistake that salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs make is they lay out ambiguous expectations for themselves and their business. 

For example, “I want to help more people,” or “I want to make more money.” 

Whatever the goals or outcomes are, if they are envisioned and described ambiguously they are unattainable. 

Goal Setting

I talk a lot about success. So many people attach goals, plans, aspirations, and dreams to dates. Just like we already talked about, many people set goals and resolutions for themselves and their businesses at the start of each new year. 

Whether or not you attach yourself to goals and resolutions, success is all about knowing where you want to go. Knowing where you want to go is one of the major deciding factors in whether or not you will create the success you desire.

Success begins with a vision. Not just a small picture, a whole picture. 

Ask yourself, where do you want to be…

  • 3 months from now
  • 6 months from now
  • A year from now
  • 3 years from now

Where do you see yourself?

When I begin to work with a new coaching client, I first spend time finding out exactly what place they are starting from. Then, there are 2 things that I need to know from them:

  1. Where do they want to be in 3 months?
  2. Where do they want to be in 3 years?

From that information, I create a clear picture. Once we have that picture, we can begin to create it in real life. 

What is Success?

Success in and of itself has no foundational value. It’s simply just a process to help get you where you want to be. 

Success is intangible because it can be defined in so many different ways. You might define success by your client load and someone else might define success by the number in their bank account. It’s subjective. 

However you choose to define success is just right for you.

How can you create what it is that you want if you don’t have a vision of what it is that you want to have?

So, what is your vision? Success starts with a clear vision. Then drill it down to its honest root and get started.

Ask yourself, where do you want to be or where do you see yourself in 3 months? In 3 years? Once you know where you want to go, it’s time to actually create what you want!

So you know where you want to take your business? Now you need to get there by creating the success you want! 

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