Many business owners, salespeople, and entrepreneurs rely on “word of mouth” marketing, referrals, and networking in order to reach more people and make a greater impact. So many approach networking wrong and don’t get the results that they want or need. Do you know the secret to how you should be approaching networking?

What is Networking, anyway?

Networking is both a noun and a verb.

Networking is the process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

For me, networking will always be a significant part of my marketing plan. Though it’s not the only part of my marketing plan, it is a very meaningful part of the plan. 

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople, entrepreneurs, and business people make is they make networking their ONLY marketing strategy.

That isn’t going to serve you in propelling you to where you want to be. It can, however, more likely it goes something like this…

  • You plug into ONE group or organization only. 
  • You network once a month or once a week. 
  • The same people show up each time at the meetings
  • You end up disgruntled and disappointed about your (lack of) networking success.

There’s a reason for that.

How do you network your way to success? 

It’s pretty simple. You have to get yourself out there. More than once a month or once a week with the same group. 

Before I try something new, I ask myself, “What’s the purpose”. Once I know the purpose, I can easily handle the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s. 

Ask yourself, FOR WHAT REASON do you want to go out and network. What are you expecting to get out of it? This answer will make all the difference. 

Take a minute to consider…

  1. How many networking or professional organizations’ events have you attended over the course of last year?
  2. Out of those organizations’ events that you attended, how many do you belong to?
  3. Out of those organizations and events you attended and belong to, how many people have you met with after the actual networking event? (I’m talking about on another day, at another time, and at another location.) 
  4. And finally, how many people’s businesses did you really get to know, understand? Did you search your database to find connections that will help them with their business? 

Notice, networking is not all about you. (And this is the secret.) 

Your Next Networking Step 

Some of you have seen very decent results with your networking efforts and you’re happy with your results. And happiness hasn’t gotten you to the success you desire, dream of, and deserve. So I want to push you to network MORE.

Some of you, your results have been mediocre. Would you want to ratchet it up to the next level? I get that, just keep going – shift your focus.

Some of you haven’t gotten any results at all so, why would you even want to begin networking? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you’ve been networking?

I want to invite you to accept the fact that maybe you’ve been doing things wrong. Maybe there is a way to do things that will get the results you desire. Maybe you need to step back and look seriously at how you have been networking. 

It’s time to use networking to take massive action and work your way to success. 

Learn the strategies and methods you need to network your way to success!

Now that you know WHY you need to network, next you need to get out there and network! You might be asking how? And where?. 

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