Have you ever wondered what’s holding you back?

Are you looking at your sales and wondering why they’re different from where you thought they would be?

Does it seem like everything is going easier for the people around you?

It’s time to take a look at why you don’t have what you desire. 

In order to start working differently and really get to the root cause of why you haven’t achieved success, ask yourself the questions I ask myself at the end of each day, month, quarter, and year.

  • What went right?
  • What is working?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What can I do differently?

I encourage you to linger on the last question, “What can I do differently?” This is where all of your growth will stem from. 

Next, get clarity on what’s holding you back from success. When I thought about this regarding my own success, the answer was “me.” I was holding myself back. And most likely, you are getting in your own way too. You are your number one competition, and when you are honest with yourself about how you are standing in your own way and develop a plan to move out of the way, you will begin to see results. 

So what really holds us back from success? What walls are we creating that are keeping us from achieving our goals?

For me, and the people I’ve coached and continue to coach, it’s the fear of change. When it comes to fearing change, it shackles and cripples people. Currently, people are trying to navigate our changing economy. They are thinking about the recession, rising interest rates, the volatility in the stock market, and the media sensationalizing all the economic doom and gloom. Because of this, people find themselves in analysis paralysis, unable to continue their journey toward success because they cannot avoid unwarranted emotions and overreactions to the changing economy. They are uncertain about what to do next. They are stuck.

I encourage you to be more strategic about the information you take in to avoid this fear and be adaptable in times of change. There will always be uncertainty, and we are always going to be unable to control our environment. The only thing we can change is how we respond to it. If you have a fear of change and are inflexible, you are not going to make any progress toward success. 

Embrace change. It is where all of your growth will happen. Face it head-on. Pick a solid point and pivot until you can find an advantage. Then, make your move. Success is about calculated planning. If you aim at nothing, you are going to hit it every time. In times of change, have a plan and exercise flexibility within it. 

Another thing holding you back from success could be your lack of planning. 

Reflect on how specific your plans are. Define what success means to you. Is it having more time? More money? No matter how you define it, you want to understand what it means to you so you can move toward it. Do you have clarity about what you want to achieve and how? You need a plan to understand who to look for, who you need to communicate with, and what you deliver. If you don’t understand how you define success and have a specific plan to gain it, you’re just showing up and throwing up on a continual basis. It may seem like you’re taking action, and you might even feel busy, but if you have no direction, you will never get the success you deserve. 

Are you setting the bar too low?

Ask yourself, is my ask too small and is my but too big? Meaning, are your goals too small, leaving you the ability to blow them off, and are your excuses bigger than your drive to achieve? Your “but” will always get in the way. It’s easy to make excuses about why we cannot reach our goals. 

Check your mindset. 

So many people fail to realize how important mindset mastery is and how easily not having control over your thoughts can hold you back. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right either way.” Mindset can hold you back, and only you can control your mind. Do you have an open mindset? Are you trying everything with your best foot forward? In order to have this mindset, you need a belief system that fuels you and the ability to go after your goals without making excuses. Or do you have a closed mindset? Always believing nothing will work out. Maybe your goals can be achieved by other people but never by you. Finally, ask yourself if you have an arrested mindset. Are you constantly spinning, feeling busy and active but never actually productive? If you have an arrested mindset, you are always in motion, just never in the right direction. Get out of your closed or arrested mindset. The only thing that moves you forward is mastering an open mindset. 

Overcome limiting beliefs and decisions.

Anything that limits you is a glass ceiling you made yourself. Our energy goes where our focus flows. If you’re focused on not being able to do something, that’s where your energy will go. You will self-sabotage and prevent yourself from achieving what you want. 

Are you taking calculated risks?

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers for financial gain. Risks should be calculated. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Leverage your strengths, and embrace your failure along the way. Step into a space where you will allow yourself to take risks and begin to understand the risks you need to take to reach the success you deserve. 

Embrace your journey on a daily basis. 

It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated your days are or how crappy or great they went. Each day is important, and reflecting on them is paramount. Start the day by asking, “what can I do to make today better than yesterday?” End your day with my favorite four questions, and you will find success. Don’t let you hold yourself back. If you are the problem, fix yourself, and grow.