Imagine you’re giving someone a tour of your house, city, or favorite vacation spot. Any place that is special to you, but they’ve never been before. What do you do? You guide them. You show them what you want them to see and do. 

Looking at it from a business perspective. Many businesses are not clear as to how they want clients and prospects to buy from them. Let’s face it, if a business owner or a salesperson is not clear, how can a client or prospect ever be clear on how to buy?

Take a look at your business. You may need to look at it a little differently than you have looked at in the past. Or, you may be doing this already. Or, you may be wondering how this can happen at all.

10% of the people you meet will buy off of you simply because they have a need, want, or desire for the product, service, or solution that you provide. So what happens with the other 90%? 

You’ve likely heard it before, it takes 7-12 contacts before the average consumer is triggered to buy. The average salesperson gives up after 3-4 contacts. 

So, what’s your follow-up process? How are you moving people through your company, through your, opportunity, through your business?

The best way to do this is through a funnel. 

So, what’s a funnel, anyway?

Sales, business, monetizing – it’s all a numbers game. 

I want you to visualize a funnel. We’ve all seen one so we know what it looks like. A funnel looks a bit like a cone. 

Picture your target market. Now, not everyone has a need, want, or desire for your service. As I always say a chiropractor might say their target market is anyone with a spine. But not every person with a spine needs, wants, or desire’s to work with a chiropractor. 

Picture your target market just above that cone. 

Then, your cone is broken into 4 levels. 

  1. Level 1 is all of your free content.
  2. Level 2 is your low-cost offers.
  3. Level 3 is your medium-cost offers.
  4. Level 4 is your high-cost products and services. 

But a funnel can’t just exist, you need to feed it. You need to guide your target market, your ideal client, and prospects into your funnel.

Feeding the open end of the funnel.

There are typically 2 types of situations that will fill the top end of your funnel. 

Generating Awareness 

Your target market is not always aware that they have a problem, need, or want for your product, service, or solution. You need to generate awareness and then educate them. Remember, the 10% that is aware that they have the need, want, or desire will purchase, but that 90% that is unaware need to be made aware, they need to be educated on your product, service, or solution. You can start this process by generating awareness. 

Getting Found 

When a person identifies or becomes aware that they have a problem or a need, they will begin to search for a solution. You want to be the solution they find. This is when you need to make your initial impression on your target market through lead magnets, freebies, blogging, SEO, social media, press releases, articles, and newsletters. All of the free stuff that you can put out in order to be found. The more effort you put into your business, the more people are going to find you. 

Get creative. You are the brand. The more creativity you put into your business, the more people are going to find you. 

You’re going to need to handhold your prospects and your clients through your business, through your funnel. Making the sale is all about clarity. Move your prospects or clients through your business opportunities and offers. Use your funnel to teach your client how to buy from you. 

Now that you know what a funnel is, it’s time to learn HOW to create one! Check out my audio training, Leading Your Clients Through Your Funnel, to find out how to lead your clients through your sales funnel! 

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