In the life of an entrepreneur success is among the most important goal and typically gets defeated by endless mind chatter that sabotages the outcome. All that self- talk telling you; you are not doing it right, or that you don’t have what it takes to be successful. Maybe you are comparing yourself to others that are more successful than you are and you just give up. What if you are fooling your-self believing you are working and are you really?

Depending on a person’s values success shows up differently in everyone.

What is important to you may not be important to someone else.  Many entrepreneur’s focus on successful people and make up excuses why they can’t be successful themselves, not seeing all the years of failures that led to that person’s success. Take for example the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul which was rejected 140 times from different publishers before becoming the number one best seller of all time. You didn’t see all the effort and failures it took to be successful.

What if you are focusing on the things that are not revenue earning like some social media platforms.  Success is accomplishing what you focus on. What you focus on will grow so it is really- important not to fool yourself into thinking you are earning when you are really, filling your day up with task that are not producing money. People tell me all the time that all they do is work and are not making enough money to pay the bills. They have created a belief that what they are doing is earning and really, all they are doing is wasting time on non-productive activities for longer than they should. Some people spend hours a day on social media when all they really- need less than 30 minutes a day.  Some entrepreneurs will send all day on administration task that would only cost them a fraction of what they charge per hour. Doesn’t it make more sense to hire an admin to that you can make more money?

The average entrepreneur focuses on tasks that are not revenue producing. When you spend 8 or more hours a day on low revenue producing task, what will your outcome be? When you learn how to leverage your time you can create resources that are helping your success.

Finally, it’s important to compare yourself to YOU.  

One of the important keys to success is finding out what specifically do you want? Where are you now? What do you get to do to achieve your success? Are you higher up on the ladder than you were last year, or even a month ago?  Isn’t it time to get curious with what you are focusing on? Remember, what you starve dies and what you feed grows, so focus on tasks that are revenue producing.

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