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Amber Fuhriman

Visualizer Entrepreneur

This sales professional/entrepreneur is concerned with how things look. They need to get a visual image, they need to see all aspects of the ideas and solutions both internally and externally before taking action. Now once they do they act very quickly, sometimes too quickly.

Visualizers talk with a quicker speech pattern as well as a slightly elevated tone, because they can see it so well they get excited. They rarely put a lot of thought into things because our brains process in visuals so this sales professional / entrepreneur gets flooded quickly with information, can sort through it quicker and take action.

A visualizer needs to see what the client is saying, they need to be able to look at things and struggle with being able to take action if they can’t.

It’s easy for them to start projects and make a decision quickly because they can access pictures and visions of any concept and idea instantaneously.

It’s a double-edged sword for visualizers. They take more risks and fall hard when it doesn’t work out like they saw it should, and if it isn’t going the direction they pictured they can and will adjust quickly. They also gain the advantage of speed and being first to market or opportunities.

Additional potential advantages of visualizers:

  • They can process an immense amount of information instantaneously and simultaneously
  • They pay attention to how their environment and themselves are visually represented
  • They can remember things easier than other sales styles because they can access stores visuals
  • Less distracted by noise
  • Durability when the hard times set in as long as they can see what they are pursuing
  • They can see the needs/wants of clients and prospective clients on a deep level

Additional potential disadvantages of visualizer:

  • Can easily be distracted by visual stimulation in their surroundings
  • Need to see things to be able to be able to comprehend and offer input
  • Better at remembering faces then names
  • They need alone time in order to visualize and imagine solutions
  • They can talk too fast for most people, not everyone moves, thinks or communicates as quickly as they do
Amber Fuhriman


  • Focused on how things look
  • Focused on their image
  • Brand image important to them
  • Moves & talks faster than most
  • Good at seeing the overall plan
  • Great at seeing multiple solutions and options
  • They tend to be organized, neat, well-groomed and orderly
  • Tend to have a photographic memory
  • Acts fast and talks faster


  • May not possess the best listening skills because of their need for visual information
  • Tends to process and communicate information too fast for people
  • Have a harder time communicating over the phone
  • Get bored during lectures
  • They need to see things in order to be able to offer input, options and solutions
  • Typically long complicated dialogue bores them and they get lost
  • Tends to come across as a “too spontaneous”
  • Success in sales tends to be harder for them due to their need see what their prospective client is saying, and when they do they tend to speak and move to quick for most of their prospective clients; which tends too cause skepticism
  • Connects and speaks organically to 6.25% of their prospective future clients and target market due to their speech patterns and their communication and sales style.