Feeling like “Auto Pilot”

One of the most difficult things people come to realize is that they operate their life in a trance.  They go through their day to day.  They go through their actions.  Most people, unfortunately, “exist”.   They survive.  They avoid thriving.  It is important to understand where this perceived complacency comes from.

Everything we do in life is trance-inducing.  Driving, listening to music or  watching television . Having conversations with someone who speaks in a monotone voice or pace, doing the same everyday routine. It will almost seem mindless.  As though you are on auto pilot.  For some people it’s working out.  Others it might be cooking.  Everything that we do on a continual basis that is our “normal” puts us in a trance.

More times than not

90% of the time, people go through life while being trance induced.  Think about it.  Have you ever driven up in your driveway, looked around and thought, “Holy crap!  How’d I get here?”  Have you ever talked on the phone, hung up and then realized you don’t even know what it is you talked about?  It’s  because we’re in a trance.  We are in a trance called “I got a problem.”  We’re in a trance called “life.”

Going through life in this trance-induced state keeps us in a state of ambiguity.  It keeps us in a state of inaction.  The trace keeps us from not being able to pursue and achieve what it is that we want.  It’s extremely important to be aware of what’s programming you.  What music are you listening to?  If you do watch television (and that should be a really big “IF”) what are you watching?  There is a reason they call it radio and television “programming”.  Now, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to escape.  We all need that brain vacation occasionally.  What’s really important is being aware of what’s programming you and how it’s programming you.  That program will dictate how we invest our time. It dictates what we do and how we do it.  WAKE UP!!  Take control of your life.

The beautiful thing about life

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day you have a choice to make. Will you survive or thrive? The actions you do today create your tomorrow.  Culminations of every tomorrow creates your next year.  All of your next years create your dreams.  Are you creating them or are they being created for you?

You may find yourself having a goal or dream and having to continually reset the same one.  When you continually find that you’re not achieving what it is you want to achieve. The problem is that you allow yourself to make more excuses than you do taking more action.  When we allow ourselves to step back and look at what we’re responsible for, we can make shift happen.  We can see it, we can learn from it and when we learn from it, we can fix it.  We don’t ever fail.  We learn.  The only time we fail is when we don’t implement the learnings we’ve presented. When things don’t work out, we have just learned a way not to do something again.  If you continue to do it again, Einstein has a theory on that.  He defines it as “insanity”.

Wake up and realize it’s your life!

The only person running your life is you.  You are the captain of your ship.  Nobody determines how much you can or can’t make.  There is no one  determining how much success you can have other than you.  Giving yourself permission on a continual basis allows you to show up for the most important role you will ever play. That’s the role of your life.