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Amber Fuhriman

Thinker Entrepreneur

This sales professional/entrepreneur is concerned with understanding all aspects of their business before starting as well as any business decision before taking action.

The Thinker is the sales professional/entrepreneur who meets with prospective clients only after they do a deep analysis into the prospective client’s market, and possible development strategies. They’re thorough and meticulous. Of course, everyone is supposed to do this and few do; however the thinker gets caught up in analysis paralysis and struggles with taking swift action, and in some cases any action at all.

The Thinker communicates with a slower speech pattern and their tonality is just above monotone, because they express themselves more from knowledge and less from emotion. They put an extensive amount of thought into things to ensure their input comes from facts and is accurate. They are slower and methodical in taking action.

Thinkers are almost obsessive about the amount and quality of the information and data they collect before pulling the trigger.

It’s hard for them to start a project, business or make a decision spur of the moment because they don’t like to take risks without an immense amount of research, information, education and analysis. It goes against every fiber of their being.

It’s a double-edged sword for the thinker. They take fewer risks and in their mind save themselves years of effort in case the idea was a bad one and because of this they rarely implement new ideas and in some cases lose the advantage of speed and being first to market or opportunities.

Additional potential advantages of thinkers:

  • Like to plan and analyze
  • Like to research
  • Good at categorizing and summarizing
  • Like lists, flow charts and writing things down
  • Like to brainstorm with others and use others as sounding boards for their ideas.
  • Deep understanding of their market
  • Less prone to taking risks that don’t pan out
  • Can lean more on logic then emotion
Amber Fuhriman

Additional potential disadvantages of thinkers:

  • Spend a huge amount of time in their head
  • A lot of internal dialogue and internal self-debating
  • Can move slower than other processing system
  • May dismiss ideas with potential because of the potential higher risks involved
  • Can be critical, and at times over critical of self and others
  • Can suffer from analysis paralysis
  • Researches before taking action however there is rarely enough data to push them into action
  • Avoids expressing emotion
  • Numbers become more important than people and relationships


  • Analytical
  • Reserved
  • Systematic
  • “Know” things
  • Relies on intellect and knowledge
  • Command respect due to knowledge and intelligence
  • Can be direct, accurate and dependable
  • Can seem dissociated
  • Can talk to themselves internally / externally frequently
  • Memorize by steps, procedures and sequences
  • Need to make sense of things
  • Talks slow and takes action slower


  • Can appear to be moody / grumpy
  • Can be critical
  • Can be controlling
  • May take on too much work
  • May be judgmental
  • May doubt themselves
  • Can be distrusting
  • Tends to come across as a “know-it-all”
  • Can come across as uncaring and unemotional
  • Success in sales tends to be harder for them due to their need to have an immense amount of information, they over communicate to prospective clients and are slow at taking action.
  • Connects and speaks organically to 6.25% of their prospective future clients and target market due to their speech patterns and their communication and sales style.