The first day of December is right around the corner. When December 1st hits, we’ll have exactly thirty-one days left this year. Thirty-one days left in 2021. What are you going to do?

What are you going to do to end this year strong? And, what are you going to do to start next year off even stronger?

What will you do to posture yourself for success? To end this year successfully and posture yourself to launch 2022 off with the biggest, most powerful year that you deserve… that you’ve wanted, that you’ve always wanted.

I want you to start off your holiday season strong and end the year, both personally and professionally, even stronger. And, I want to posture you for the success that you’ve always dreamed of, the success that you’ve always desired, the success that you know you deserve. 

As entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals, we spend a lot of time planning, working on our mindset, and getting our business ready for the success that we want. I want to talk to you about some of the pitfalls of success. These are the things you want to avoid when you are trying to reach your personal success. As entrepreneurs, to stack success in our favor, we want to be sure that we avoid certain things.

Here are the top three pitfalls of success:   


Envy. You know, that big green monster. When we see other people around us succeed, it should really motivate us. It should really juice us up. Even if they are competitors. Even if they are people that you believe are taking money away from you. Every single person, including you, has the ability to become successful. Wasting time focusing on other people’s success or achievements will only sidetrack you from focusing on your own progress.

Dwelling on the Past.

You don’t get in your car, start the engine, hit the gas, and then look in the rearview mirror. So don’t do that with your life and business either. You can’t move forward when you are looking backward. As things come up, learn the lessons that need to be learned. Get the gifts from every scenario that should be received. Then, move forward. Forge ahead! You’ll get further faster by looking forward.


This is a huge one for most business owners and entrepreneurs. If you screw up, make a bad decision, or something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t make excuses! Search for the cause of the problem. This is a huge, huge business lesson. If you can identify what it is that you did wrong, if you can own that mistake, you will never make that mistake again. 

However, if you constantly make excuses for your mistakes, you will continue to make those same mistakes because you have not properly identified the root of the problem.

Now that you know WHY you need to posture yourself for success in 2022, it’s time to learn HOW to do it! Check out my audio training, Posturing Yourself for Success, to learn the top pitfalls to avoid on your road to success! 

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