Let’s lay out the groundwork so that you can carve out your path to success so that you can become as successful as you want, both in your business and your life. I know that I focus a lot on business, but the reality is, your life impacts your business, and your business impacts your life. 

Because I’m a certified Master NLP Practitioner, I share a lot of tools that help you to really catapult you into the life that you want and the business that you’ve always dreamed of.  Remember, I can only give you the tools that can help you become successful. It’s completely up to you how and if you use those tools to create your own success. It is completely up to you if and how you take action!

The word traction, think about it. The majority of the word is ACTION. Action is a verb. Let’s put verbs into your wants, dreams, desires.

Pay Attention to the Words You Choose

I want you to pay attention to some of the words you are choosing to use in your daily activities. If you ever use the word need, I want you to start removing that word from your vocabulary. Need is nothing more than a model operator of necessity. The reality is, there is nothing in life that you need. You are capable of providing. The universe provides for you the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. 

So, really, you need nothing. 

When you incorporate the word need, it incorporates negative energy and that negative energy starts evolving into a model operator of necessity. When you start coming into the need mode, you start repelling a lot of those positive things that are constantly coming at you.

Now, I know this might seem way out there. I just really want you, as we talk about traction and action, to be very conscious when using words like want, desire, outcome, and goals – to remove the word need.  

Putting Verbs into Your Dreams

So many people, business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs fail because they don’t put verbs into their dreams, desires, and intentions. People set goals, dreams, and intentions. They have great aspirations to achieve amazing things but let’s face it, an elephant is always an elephant. 

You cannot, will not ever be able to swallow it whole. You have to slice it up into manageable pieces. The same goes for your dreams. The same goes for your goals.  

I know you’ve heard this time and time again, but you can really effortlessly make your dreams a reality by slicing them and dicing them. Making them really manageable.

Here’s an example.

Let’s talk about vacation. Do you know that the average entrepreneur, salesperson, or small business owner spends more time planning his/her vacation than they spend planning their business? Now, that might make you laugh. You might be thinking that I’ve been secretly watching you.  

The reality is if you didn’t plan your vacation, are you even going to take one? If you didn’t plan your vacation, will it be any fun? If you didn’t plan your vacation, how much money will you waste? … If you even had the opportunity to go someplace at all.

So, think about it. If I was to walk up to you the day before you leave for your vacation and ask, “Where are you going for vacation?” And you replied, “I don’t know.” Well, when will you know? That’s pretty unrealistic, right?

Now, take a look at your business. Is this how you approach planning in your business?

Now that you know WHY you should stop using words like need, it’s time to learn HOW to do it! Check out my audio training, TrACTION for Success, to learn how to put verbs into your dreams! 

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