The other day, I was looking around my training room and the canvas prints I have on the walls. One of them stuck out the most to me. It has a beautiful tree on it. It says success at the top and then all of the roots below it represent something more.

As I was sitting there, enjoying the prints I got pulled into the idea of success.

You can define success however you’d like. The reality is, that success is the accomplishment of something you set out to achieve. 

Here’s the thing, that thing you set out to accomplish or achieve, that’s what you need to define specifically to achieve success.

What is it, specifically, that you want to achieve?

So many people give up. They give up because they see other people’s success and they have a need for instant gratification. 

That need distracts them from their mission, their goal, their purpose, and their “why.” It distracts them from the thing that they want to achieve. 

When we allow ourselves to be distracted by others’ success, we miss everything that happened that got that person to that level of success that we are comparing ourselves to.

While I was looking at the canvas prints on my wall, I realized, this is it. This is why so many people don’t achieve the level of success that they want. Because when they look at others who’ve achieved the success they want, all they see is the success. They don’t see the enormous magnitude of things – the hard work, the missteps, the time, the energy – that went into achieving that success. 

They don’t see the roots of the tree. 

They are not aware of the root structure that is supporting that tree of success. That root structure is the foundation that has created, grown, and helped the success flourish. 

There is a root system to success and that root system is made up of eight very specific things:

  • Hard Work – Success takes hard work, clarity, purpose, focus, and strategy. You have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. You have to do the do. You have to do the work. Even if it gets hard or uncomfortable, you have to keep working hard.   
  • Persistence – It’s all about being diligent and consistent. Identify what it is that works and what it is that doesn’t. Then go after your dreams and what you want with every ounce of passion you have.
  • Late Nights – Being an entrepreneur is not a 9-5 job. It’s not a 40-hour workweek. There will be late nights. You’ll have deadlines. You are going to have visions and ideas that will require you to go to market quickly. Accept that there are going to be late nights.
  • Rejections – Every “no”, and every rejection you receive will help you to know what it is that you’re doing right and what it is that you’re doing wrong. There is something to learn from every single rejection. Rejections make us better.
  • Sacrifices – Sometimes you will have to sacrifice the short-term gratification for the long-term dream attainment. Sometimes sacrifices are okay. You will have to make sacrifices today so that you can have the tomorrow of your dreams.
  • Discipline – I see a lot of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners who start and stop. They schedule things and then don’t follow through. Don’t forget to show up for yourself, your purpose, and your dreams.
  • Doubts – Avoid lack of belief in your own capabilities, knowledge, and know-how. Doubts will likely come up, it’s all about having a strong mindset and pushing yourself through those moments of doubt. 
  • Failure – We all should know by now that failure is a part of life.Failure is simply feedback. Learn from it. What can you do better or differently?

Success doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t. 

Success takes work. It takes clarity, it takes focus, it takes purpose, and it takes action. It just takes rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. 

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