When you are striving toward success, the journey is a long one. It can be difficult to continue on your path when you do not see results immediately. But if you are able to remember three words when you are feeling stagnant in your progress, you will find the success you want and deserve. I refer to these as “The 3 Ps of Success,” and they are pillars on which you can build a successful business. The words patience, perseverance, and positive mindset are all you need to remember when you feel like success is out of your reach.


Success is a long game. And those of you who believe it will happen immediately likely won’t see the success you believe you deserve. In order to reach your goals, you need to be patient. It took me so many years to reach the success that I have found and want to maintain. I saw failure after failure before realizing that if I wanted to live out my dreams, I would have to make a detailed plan. One of the resources I needed to carry out this plan was time. That is not to say that I didn’t act with urgency as I chased after what I wanted. You cannot expect that just because you are patient, that success will come to you, but you should expect that even if you are chasing success with all of the effort you can summon, that it will take time. So don’t quit when you don’t see immediate results.


If I hadn’t persevered when things looked like they weren’t going to go my way, I would not be where I am today. The moment I lost my job twenty years ago, at the height of a recession, I really thought things couldn’t get any worse. But it was also at that moment I decided not to quit on myself, and I dusted myself off and moved on to create multiple seven-figure businesses I would never have built if I hadn’t lost my job at that time.

There will be moments on your journey toward success that feel stagnant or even as if things are moving backward. But if you have a business that you are passionate about, and if you have a product that you feel is the best out there, you have to persevere in these moments. You need to show up for yourself even in times when it might feel like you cannot because if you don’t show up for yourself, you can guarantee no one else will either. On the other side of perseverance is success, and in the moments where you feel most down, just know that if you continue to show up, success is achievable. 

Positive Mindset

Finally, during this journey toward reaching your dreams and finding success, you have to keep a positive mindset. The power of positive thought and the ability to keep a positive mindset when things are bleak is a cornerstone of success. The way your world looks is a mirror of what you are projecting into it. If you have a negative mindset and are filling your life with others who foster similar thoughts, your reality will be just that. If you project positivity and surround yourself with people who lift you up just as much as you are lifting them up, your reality will reflect that. If you are able to maintain a positive mindset, you will become more attractive to work with, and people will begin to gravitate toward you and your product. 

You deserve to be successful, and if you are not making strides towards success at this moment, reflect on whether or not you have “The Three Ps.” Have you been patient? Have you persevered when the going got tough? Are you keeping a positive mindset? If not, think about how you can change that. And if you need help, reach out today!