Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #94

Mastering Self-Motivation With Richard Bliss Brooke

Stacey is joined by Best Selling Author Richard Brooke for a discussion life as business owners, relationship building, and reminiscing about their initial aggressive sales strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • One sale doesn’t equal a customer relationship.
  • Starting points are rarely glamorous.
  • Understand how you and how your team are motivated.

Richard Bliss Brooke went from chicken chopper to CEO, according to Success magazine in its 1992 cover story … an issue that outsold every issue in the
100-year history of the magazine.

He was only 36 years old when Success magazine featured his journey from earning $3.05 an hour cutting chickens for Foster Farms to creating millionaires from his sales training and performance coaching. Had it not been for an obscure management decision by Foster Farms – they would not promote anyone who did not have a college degree – Richard would have recently retired from a 40-year career at the processing plant.

Instead, he pivoted and built a nationwide sales organization of 30,000 people by the time he was 28, and went on to build two global companies over the next 35 years.

As a keynote speaker, he has wowed audiences of over 10,000 and shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Bob Proctor, John Maxwell, and many others. As an author, he has written three books and hundreds of articles and blogs.

He has been acknowledged for his ontological coaching and his book “Mach2” by Gale Sayers, John Elway, Harvey Mackay, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and thousands of others.

“I am a classic case of failing forward,” says Richard. “I have always looked for the seed of equal or greater benefit in adversity, as suggested by Dr. Napoleon Hill. And I am a passionate believer in self-motivation. With it, nothing else really matters. Without it, nothing else really works.”

Today Richard runs his three multimillion-dollar companies from his home on the island of Lanai, Hawaii. He loves to golf, fly helicopters, scuba dive, boat, ATV, hike, paddleboard, and bask in the good life with his wife, Kimmy, step-daughter Hailey, and Marley the Maltipoo. He values fun, leadership, adventure, contribution, and friendship. The theme of his life is “to inspire others to play full out.”

“My introduction into business felt like being thrown into a pool. Sink or swim.” -Richard Brooke




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Hey. Welcome back to another episode of Sell Without Selling. I am your host, Stacey O’Byrne and I believe that learning the art and the science of how to sell without selling is the only way to achieve high six and seven figure success.

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[Intro for Guest]

Stacey: Richard, thanks so much for joining us today.

Richard: Yeah, thank you Stacey. It’s an honor to be here.

Stacey: It’s an honor to have you on the show. I have to tell you, reading all your credentials and everything just got me so excited, because I really know what our listeners are in for. I had the pleasure of talking with you prior to our show, and your journey is an amazing journey. You really have a lot to offer, and I am blessed to have you here.

Richard: Thank you.

Stacey: So, I made the comment about being jealous about Hawaii, because, you know, I go there frequently and haven’t been able to since COVID, and I am really jealous.

Richard: Well you can come now. Door’s are open.

Stacey: I know. I know. How’s the environment over there been with COVID and everything. I know you’re on a more laid back island.

Richard: Yeah, I think we’re probably in the best place in the world given what’s gone on. There’s only 3000 people that live on Lanai, and they’re all kind of family. So, we’ve had a few cases but there’s no cases here now. There haven’t been any in months. We’ve followed the Maui County restrictions and went about our business golfing, surfing, and doing what people do in Hawaii. I spent a lot of my time right here on Zoom. [both laugh]

Stacey: Yeah, I can definitely relate. I have to tell you that it’s a good place to be, and Zoom has really made it effective and efficient. Business has been a little different over the course of the past year. What I’d really like to dive into, because I really want our listeners to really get to know you. You know, I talked to Les – you know Les and I are friends – I told him that I was talking with you. He told me to tell you Hi. And really quick, what I’d love to do is I’d love to dive into your experience as a business owner, because you played a pretty big game. Not only have you played a pretty big game, but you started out like most don’t. What I mean by that is you had a very stable job, like a lot of people in America right now, like a lot of people all over the world. And then COVID hit and a lot of people are finding themselves very unstable, and they don’t really know what’s going to happen next.

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