Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #65

Creating Success In 2021

On this week’s episode of Sell Without Selling, Stacey reflects on the wild ride that was 2020, and shares some of her tips to help you start 2021 on the pathway to success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in yourself.
  • Set benchmarks and expectations.
  • Schedule your personal time to reflect.

“Reflect on the past year and get clarity on what you did and what you didn’t do.” -Stacey O’Byrne



(First ~2 mins)


Hey. Welcome back to another episode of Sell Without Selling. I am your host, Stacey O’Byrne and I believe that learning the art and the science of how to sell without selling is the only way to achieve high six and seven figure success.

I am really excited to get into today’s episode about creating success for 2021, Really quick, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, and you haven’t hit the level of success that you wanted or needed, or if you’re stuck and needing a pivot in your success, or maybe you just want more and you understand the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, inserting yourself into an environment that asks more of you than you’ve ever asked of yourself. If you’re really serious about creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of, desired, and deserved. If you’re tired of not having the results that you want or need, and you’re ready to make a difference in your life and your bank account. If this sounds like something for you, then head over to There is a quick application there that will lead to  a personal phone call with me see how we can make shift happen in your life.

Okay, creating success for 2021. We are rolling in to the last few days of 2020. And for me, there’s very specific things that I like to do to create the immense amount of success that I dream of, that I desire, and I know I deserve. For me it becomes very methodical. You’ve heard in previous episodes how I talk about gratitude, appreciation, and creating a foundation and a platform of success by planning and gaining my learnings from the year. So part of today’s episode is reflection. Absolutely. And part of today’s episode of projection, speculation, planning, and then part of it is just downright business sense.

So let’s get into it. I am going to cram as many tips in here as I can, so that you can have the most stable, strongest platform to catapult off into the new year, to hit the ground running strong.

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