Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #53

Obligation vs Opportunity – The Success Perspective

On this episode of Sell without Selling, Stacey focuses on mindset and choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the end, you have ultimate control.
  • There are no good reasons to lead with negativity.
  • If you don’t approach everyday with optimism, you’re not at full speed.

“The reality is… marketing is a choice and a privilege.” -Stacey O’Byrne



(First ~2 mins)


Hey. Welcome back to another episode of Sell Without Selling. I am your host, Stacey O’Byrne and I believe that learning the art and the science of how to sell without selling is the only way to achieve high six and seven figure success.

I am really excited to get into today’s episode. Really quick, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, and you haven’t hit the level of success that you’ve wanted or needed, or if you continue to repeat the same mistakes, problems, failures, inactivity, if you’re stuck, if you’re constantly procrastinating, and you want change, you want shift, and you’re looking for a way to get out of your way so that you can have your way. If enough is enough, then invite you to hop on over to There is a quick application there that will lead to a personal phone call with me so we can figure out what’s in your way, so that we can make shift happen in your life.

Okay, let’s get on with today’s topic: success perspective. Obligation vs. opportunity. Look, this has to do with everything in your life. Everything in your life, the results that you’ve gotten up to today, and your potential for the future is all about the quality of the mindset that you possess right now. See, you heard me say shifting our perspective can change the level of success that we achieve. You also heard me say obligation vs. opportunity. In other words, it’s the have to vs the get to. It’s whether or not you have a good day or a bad day. See, your mindset determines every second for the rest of your life, what your results are going to be. If you have to do something, that is a very heavy energy to carry. If you get to do something, that is invigorating. That’s exciting. That’s something that can drive you.
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