Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #34

ACCOUNTability for Success with LaVonne Shields

On this episode:

  • LaVonne talks about her heroes, her advice to her younger self, and her favorite pump up songs
  • LaVonne discusses how the failures of many entrepreneurs come from the lack of having a goal.
  • Learn whether or not LaVonne thinks business owners and entrepreneurs should manage their own books.
  • Learn the difference between selling and closing.
  • Learn what LaVonne says is the key to success
  • Learn the importance of mentorship and coaching to those in business

Key Takeaways:

  • Who is defining success for you? It has to be your definition for your goals.
  • Know your why.
  • It is important for anyone in any capacity to know their blind spots.

Today’s Guest: LaVonne Shields

LaVonne Shields is the CEO of Management Consultants of America. As a Business ACCOUNTability Coach and Accounting Strategist, LaVonne specializes in training and consulting business owners to help them gain peace of mind and relieve stress associated with running a company, all while improving the bottom line. LaVonne uses her expertise to help engage business owners in all facets of their company, including financial management.

She serves as a Business Consultant and Trainer for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center and the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center.

“It’s not selling. It’s really just having a conversation.”- LaVonne Shields



(First ~2 mins)

Hey, this is LaVonne Shields, president of Management Consultants of America, and if you want to learn the science to creating six and seven figure businesses, significantly increase your revenue, and learn how to successfully build a professional relationships, you should be listening to Sell Without Selling podcast with my good friend, Stacey O’Byrne.


Stacey: Welcome to the show, LaVonne. Thanks for coming on.

LaVonne: Thanks for having me. I’m excited.

Stacey: So, you know, I’m really excited about our listeners getting to meet you, because you are one dynamic business owner and entrepreneur. I know that I shared with you a rundown of what today’s going to be like, and we’re going to really get deep into business and sales, and everything like that. I am really curious though, what’s something that people seem to misunderstand about you.

LaVonne: Outside of wanting to be a dancer? I thought that I was going to be a dancer growing up. I love music and I really thought that was going to be my pathway. And low and behold I am an accountant, of all things. How far can you be on that one? The other one is that I am really kind of laid back. I guess you kind of got to get to know me a bit. I know my niece loves when new people meet me, because she wants to see if they’re going to get the humor in it, so she likes to watch. But that would probably be the biggest misperception possibly.

Stacey: That’s awesome. When I first met you, you came across so quiet, so reserved that initially I felt a level of intimidation by you. And I really don’t get intimidated very much by people having been in the army. When I meet people, I learn that people show up how they show up. And the more I got to know you, the more I absolutely fell in love with you. You are just a very dynamic person who – you’re funny as heck. So yeah, I am blessed you’re in my life. I am blessed that I’ve gotten to know you, and I had no clue you wanted to be a dancer. What kind of dancer?

LaVonne: Contemporary and hip hop. I love telling stories through music, through movement, so whenever I hear music that is the first thing that I interpret is what would the performance of that be like. It’s weird, but it’s my quirk and I love it.

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