Sell Without Selling Podcast

Money Mindset And Its Impact On Sales and Success With Lisa Chastain

Episode #228

On this episode: Stacey is joined by money mindset coach Lisa Chastain for a discussion on making a career of your passion, grit, and how failure can be your springboard

Key Takeaways

  • Refine yourself instead of giving any of your time to excuses.
  • Money is a feedback for your relationship with time.
  • It all starts with a choice. Invest in yourself.

Today’s guest: Lisa Chastain

International Best Selling Author and radio show host Lisa Chastain teaches women how to take control of their finances so that they can live their best lives. For over 20 years, Lisa has been coaching and mentoring women. As a highly sought after money coach, she teaches her clients what it takes to make financial dreams become reality. Throughout her 30’s, Lisa struggled with money. She blew through her life savings of over $100K and knows firsthand what financial struggle feels like. After going through a divorce in 2017, Lisa has rebuilt her life and business to mentor women to make money simple so that they can stop stressing, and get to living joyful, heart centered and worthy lives. She uses real life stories and simple strategies to help women get what they want in life. Lisa has been featured in O-The Oprah Magazine, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Fortune and Cosmo magazine among others, and she’s on a mission to inspire women to become the financial leaders of their lives.

“Being around millionaires was so far outside of my comfort zone. I tried to appear successful and I was really bad at it.” -Lisa Chastain