Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode #156

Massive Momentum with Mac Frederick

On this episode, Stacey is joined by Momentum Digital CEO Mac Frederick for a discussion on the 9to5 life as an entrepreneur, doors closing, and the importance of staying focused throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not being flexible, means missed opportunities.
  • Stay focused & disciplined after initial success.
  • Marketing is essential.

Today’s guests: Mac Frederick

Mac Frederick, is a college athlete turned entrepreneur. Currently serving as Founder & CEO Momentum Digital, that of which he started in 2015, which subsequently led him to being fired from Google. Over the last 5 years, Mac was able to scale the agency to over 20 people and has worked with hundreds of small businesses. His entire mission is to provide digital momentum to small local businesses who need it the most using Google and their other marketing partnerships.

Mac also owns Phone Repair Philly, now the #1 Electronics Repair company in Philadelphia. He uses that business to showcase his digital skills around SEO, Local SEO, and other various Marketing Services. He started this company in 2015 with $1000 and grew it to 4 locations and 12 employees.

Both companies are now over 7-figures annually and have won numerous awards including Philly 100 and Best of Philly.

“If you allow it, life is going to lead you where you’re supposed to go.” -Mac Frederick




(First ~2 mins)

Hey everyone, thanks for listening. This is Mac Frederick, founder of Momentum, and if you want to learn the six and seven figure science to success, significantly increase your revenue, and learn how to successfully build professional relationships, you should definitely, definitely be listening to the Sell Without Selling Podcast. Download, subscribe, tell your friends. It was a pleasure today. I was with Stacey O’Byrne and we had a blast, so check it out. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks again!


Hey. Welcome back to another episode of Sell Without Selling. I am your host, Stacey O’Byrne and I believe that learning the art and the science of how to sell without selling is the only way to achieve high six and seven figure success.

Today I am speaking with a really good friend of mine, Mac Frederick. [Intro for Guest]

I am so excited for you to hear my conversation with Mac. I’ve really had the privilege of really getting to know him, and he’s going to bring a lot of value. This conversation is going to be phenomenal. Really quick, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, and you haven’t hit the level of success that you wanted or needed, or if you’re stuck and needing a pivot in your business, in your success – or maybe you just want more, and you understand the importance of having a coach to help identify the blind spots, increase accountability, and help with success strategies to take you, your business, your income, and your success to the next level – if this sounds like something for you, then head over to There’s a quick application there that will lead to a personal phone call with us to see if we’re a great fit for each other. Alright let’s do this.

Stacey: Mac, thanks so much for coming on the show.

Mac: Yeah, yeah I’m excited. Thanks so much for having me.

Stacey: So am I. You know, rarely do I see people’s spotlight a huge F bomb on their bio. The F bomb being – I’ll call it a failure, even though it doesn’t sound like it turned out to be a failure. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You got fired from Google. What happened?

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