Don’t be another statistic

We have all heard the statistics that 97% of entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals fail within the first year. Of the 3% that “succeed” more than half of those fail within the first 3 years. One of the biggest contributing factors outside of their mindset and outside of their skillsets, is they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s what we don’t know what we don’t know, that sneaks up on us. It eventually exposes and by that time it’s too late. Things in your business have already gone awry. It’s possible that your shortcomings have already reared their ugly head. Your new business learnings may have already gone south. At this point, we’re scrambling to change the negatives in our work life into positives.

How can we do this? What are some changes we can make at that point? By aligning ourselves in masterminds, group coaching, individual coaching, professional and personal development arenas. It will help expose the blind spots (what we didn’t know that we didn’t know) quickly so that we can get out of our own way and find the path we need.

How do we see the “blind spots”?

Whatever it is that we are striving for, whether in our business or personal lives, an impartial viewpoint sometimes is necessary. You might want to increase your income and need a coach to show you where you’re missing some great opportunities for that goal that you never even thought of. Or maybe you are doing everything in your known power to lose weight but it’s sticking around. A personal trainer can take a look at all aspects of your health and find out where you might be needing to get some help with it.

The more blind spots you have, the more obstacles will continually present themselves. The more the blind spots are exposed (i.e. I am nervous about cold calling because I fear hearing “no”) the easier success becomes. It will naturally become easier to close sales and thereby achieve greater success.

We are our biggest common denominator.

Where we go, we follow. Reality is this…the blind spots (the “didn’t knows” that we didn’t know) that affected us a few years ago, or last year, or even yesterday, they’re going to affect us tomorrow. Probably even next month and next year and so on until we can identify them and learn from them.

Make sure you put yourself in environments (mastermind groups, personal and professional development arenas, personal and group coaches, etc.) that test you. Environments that expose what you didn’t know that you didn’t know so they become what you know. Now you can move through it and past it so that you can get to the point where you no longer “don’t know what you don’t know”