It’s okay to ask for help.

The best of the best asks for help and are not afraid to reach out to grab that extended hand.  Many times, the hand is attached to a coach or a mentor.  Reality is you’ll never find a successful person that hasn’t been coached to success.  Coaches see blind spots.  Coaches are mirrors.  When you surround yourself with people that understand where it is that you want to go and they understand where it is that you’re starting from, they can help you get out of your way to get on your way to finally have your way.

I have a belief that when we’re part of the problem, there’s no way that we can be part of the solution.  Reality is clear and the only way that we can have what it is we want, is to surround ourselves with a) people that have done it, and b) people who can call us on what it is that we’re not doing and/or doing incorrectly.  Now I must tell you, having coaches…it’s not always going to be easy.  It is, however, always going to be worth it.  The reason it’s not always going to be easy is because coaches are our mirrors.  They hold up reality for us and call us on our stuff.  We are always going to lie to ourselves.  And because we are constantly lying to ourselves, we can’t call ourselves out on our own stuff.

“Well, I can’t afford a coach.”

If that’s reality, you can’t afford to not have a coach.  You must figure out a way.  You must step back and look at your life, look at your business and get really clear on where your money is going.  Because reality is you’re either spending your money or you’re investing your money.  If you’re spending your money, what is it that you’re spending it on?  Maybe you want to start looking at cutting expenses.  Reality is this…you can have a hobby, or you can have a business.  A hobby is going to cost you money, a business is going to make you money.

If you’re in a position that you truly have a belief that you cannot afford a coach step back and see where the money is going.  Now if you turn around and say, “I don’t have any money to even step back and look to see where it’s going,” then we’ve got other things we need to look at.  How are you really starting your business?  Look, take it from someone who’s been boot strapped.  Take it from someone who has had $.16 in the bank.  Guess what.  When I had only $.16 in the bank I still had a coach.  I had that bill, that ongoing investment that I knew I had to make a payment for every month looming over my head.  All in all I knew very quickly and very easily I could make it happen.  And I did.

“Since I can’t afford a coach, I’m going to align with accountability partners.”

Let me share with you that that’s a pretty dangerous pitfall.  For a multitude of reasons.  Because the people that we align ourselves with are typically friends, co-partners, or even people that we have met in the business environment.  Remember the rule of thumb, birds of a feather flock together.  And because birds of a feather flock together people you are attracting are somewhat like you.  They have the same behaviors and the same success level as you.  Accountability Partners aren’t going to get you out of your way because they’re in their way in areas too.  I’m not saying accountability partners don’t work.  I’m just saying they don’t work at the level that a coach can work at.  In order to empower your mindset to be able to empower your success mindset you must be able to get out of your way and surround yourself with coaches that can mirror you, be a representation of your blind spots so that they can help you move through it.

There’s all types of different coaches out there.  You are hearing me say plural.  I have a multitude of coaches in every area of my life.  They all know about each other and they all know I work within all of them. It helps me show up in my state of excellence.  Focus on one area.  What do you need most?  Money, hire a business coach or a money coach or a success coach.  Health, hire a health coach or wellness coach.  Spirituality, hire a spirituality coach.  No matter what it is that’s missing in your life, that’s where you start.  Once that starts growing, then ask, “where can I be better next?”  Then hire a coach for that.  Keep them all going until finally every area of your life is thriving in every way it should be.