All throughout the year, we sweep up the attic. We work on mindset, removing limiting beliefs, and enhancing your marketing messages. These all represent various levels of business and personal development. 

It doesn’t end there though. How do you leverage attracting all of these people? And then turn them into forever fans, paying clients, and ongoing referral sources. 

How do you increase your sales by 300%? You do it by speaking into their listening. Now, what does that mean?

What’s NLP

As many of you know, I’m a trained NLP Master Practitioner. Now, what does that mean?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s the study of the mind, human behavior, and how we speak (both verbally and non verbally). People update their computers and software programs on a regular basis, but they rarely update their minds and beliefs. 

NLP is the science and study of developing human excellence. 

Let’s take that science and really drill it down. 

The Four Processing Styles

Just like there are four major personality styles (dominant, influencer, steady, and conscientious), there are also four different types of processing styles. 

V – Visual 

These are people who have to see the material. They want to see you while you are communicating with them. They like materials like handouts and power points. They will likely take notes. These processors will use words (predicates) like look, see, and viewpoint. Visual processors will use visual words. 

At – Auditory/tonal

These are people that need to hear information. They learn and understand more from an audible style. They do very well on teleseminars and phone conversations. They will use words and phrases like, “Do you hear what I’m saying” and “That doesn’t sound right to me.” They resonate sounds. 

K – Kinesthetic

These people will use very touchy/feely words like vibrate, resonate, and grounded. They will say things like, “That doesn’t resonate with me” or “I’m feeling very grounded.” A kinesthetic person is going to speak from their core. 

Ad – Auditory/Digital

These are people who are always in their heads. They talk to themselves silently. They have a lot of internal self-talk. They will use words like think, know, and make sense. They’ll say, “Let me think on that” and “Does that make sense to you?”

What does this mean for sales?

It’s simple. Just like in personality profiling, if we only lead with our primary style, we’ll only attract 25% of the people. It’s the same with processing styles. If we only speak with our lead processing style, we will only reach 25% of the people we meet. 

If you listen carefully, people will give up their processing style to you in 3-4 sentences. 

Now that you know WHY it’s important to identify a prospect’s processing style, it’s time to learn HOW to do it! Check out my audio training, Increase Your Business 300 Percent by Mastering Processing Styles, to learn how to speak into someone else’s listening! 

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