Most people get so excited about rolling into the new year. You get a fresh start, a new you, a clean slate, a new year! They’ll set amazing and exciting goals. And for whatever reason, just a few weeks (or months) into the new year,  you’ve already put those goals aside.

If this sounds like you, please really listen to this. The part of designing our destiny, designing what it is we so choose, the goals that we dream of, that we desire, and deserve, the success that we long for – I’m about to give you strategies to achieve all of that.  

Formula to Fail

There IS a magic formula that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales people have created for themselves and it’s a formula to fail. I’m going to expose that formula for you so that we can reverse engineer it into success. I’ll tell ya, it really is that easy. When we understand what it is we’re doing wrong, instead of focusing on that, we can debrief and ask ourselves what it is we can do better.

If you know me, you know that I live and die by the phrase: “Stare the bull in the horns.” It is touted out in the market in a multitude of ways, but for me, what this means is looking at and understanding what isn’t working. Because when we understand what isn’t working, we understand what it is that we need to work on. By understanding what it is we need to work on, we can fix and focus on what it is we can do better. We can create the success that we dream of, desire, and deserve. 

New Year, New Goals

Usually, somewhere around mid-February, most people’s new year goals and dreams begin to burst. The enthusiasm has disseminated. The excitement of what was wanted disappears. Why? Why do people allow their dreams to dwindle? Well, there are many reasons. 

If you have found yourself not on pace to accomplish what it is you set out to accomplish, take notes. There are a lot of threats and obstacles that prevent you from designing your destiny.


First and foremost, it could be a problem of priorities that are keeping you from success. One of the obstacles that prevent people from achieving the success that they dream of, desire, and deserve is their inability to juggle. Their schedule pulls them. Their day manages them instead of them managing their day.

I’ve got to be honest, I learned a long time ago that I get to plan my day around what my demands are. When I really embraced this concept, my whole ability to run my day became effortless. 

You want to take your calendar or schedule and first block out these three priorities:

  1. Spirituality – no matter your religion, honor how that shows up in your life. Honor that and make that appointment. Block it out.
  2. Family – If you don’t carve out time for your family, they are just going to take it.
  3. Job/Career – You might be building a business while you’re working a job… or your business might be your job. You need to earmark time to physically go to a job or physically operate your business.


Take your calendar out and carve out appointment times for each of those priorities. If you try to schedule revenue-producing opportunities and you don’t honor what it is that is already part of your day, I can tell you those things that already demand your attention will get done and you’ll end up disregarding everything else.

Now, you have the availability in your schedule to plug in everything else.

Now that you know WHY you need to prioritize for success, it’s time to learn HOW to do it! Check out my audio training Honoring Your Success, to learn how to reverse engineer for your success! 

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