I get asked all the time how success comes so easy to me, what’s my secret. The answer to that is simple…there is no secret. If I can do it, anyone can do it. It just depends on how badly you want it. As a Success Strategist and Business Coach, I will guide my clients directly through their BS meter to get to the real reason they are holding themselves back. Let’s be real. We can make excuses, or we can make changes. We can’t make both.

Unfortunately, there are endless excuses that exist to prevent us from succeeding. The first one that is the most important, in my opinion, is mindset. Mindset is the key to everything we do. Our behaviors, our drivers, our motivating factors, all these things can change when shift happens to our mindset. Is it easy? That depends on you. It can be and it cannot be. One of my favorite things I say to my clients continually is, “choice is a powerful thing, and suffering is always optional.” All the other excuses that exist, are exactly that, excuses. They are reasons, strategies, and obstacles that we put in our way to prevent us from creating what we have always wanted, desired and know we deserve.

If there’s one thing in life I have learned, it is that in order to be happy in my circumstances I have to decide to be happy in my circumstances. If I am not, I get to make a change. When you decide to make a change that is the first step in changing the mindset. You have decided you are no longer comfortable with the life you have created. And yes…YOU CREATED. We’ll get into that another time, I promise. Yes, there is a very distinct difference in realizing that we either make life happen or life happens to us. You cannot own one without owning the other. If you do try to blame other people, things, circumstances for your shortcomings, you undoubtedly disempower yourself and are shouting to the world, “I cannot and will not make changes needed to make me happy in my life!” Again, more on this another day.

Over the years, through all my personal and professional development, I have established skillsets and knowledge that have been very useful for me to apply not only in my life personally but also in my business. It’s imperative to realize you control you. You control your destiny, your outcome and ultimately your success in anything and everything you do.

I invite you to take a good look at all areas of your life. It is really important for you to get real here. Be real with yourself, I mean really real. The number one person we lie to the most is ourselves and unfortunately that is not a good thing, because your brain can’t tell the different between truth and fantasy. Yes, that is right, your mind believes everything you tell it. That is why so many never succeed at accomplishing what they want because they are incapable of seeing what the problems are because they have created so many blind spots by not exposing them truth to themselves. Create a scale of 1 – 10 for each area. Is each area (love, relationships, career, family, spirituality, health, financial) a 10? Probably not. But you might be an anomaly so maybe. If it is not a 10, what is it? How far are you from a 10? What are some things that you can write down immediately that need to change in each area? Now the big question…are you willing to make those changes? If not, you may want to look at hiring a coach to help move you through to getting you closer to a “10” in all these important areas of your life.

Remember mindset really does matter. Get out of your way, so that you can get on your way so that you can finally have your way!

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