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Amber Fuhriman

Listener Entrepreneur

This sales professional / entrepreneur is concerned with how things sound, as well as what others say and tell them. They need to hear everything, they need to get other peoples opinions of the ideas and solutions before taking action. Now, once they do, they can act quickly.

They’re the ones who talk to customers with a quicker pace and slightly elevated tone, because they have a sounding board so they get excited. If other people say it’s a good idea, or a good decision that will help them make a decision and take action.

The listener entrepreneur/sales professional needs to tune-in, they need to hear what others say about it. They struggle with taking action if they can’t. They struggle with taking action if they can’t.

It’s easy for them to make a decision based on testimonials and if something sounds like a good decision or thought. They need a lot of conversation about things.

It’s a double-edged sword for them because if they hear mixed reviews it can significantly delay them from taking necessary action.

Additional potential advantages of listeners:

  • They remember almost everything they hear and can repeat things back verbatim.
  • Can tune into how people around them are doing based on tone and the words they use
  • Phone sales/cold calls can come easier to them
  • Can keep up with people who speak quickly
  • Enjoy listening to audio books or You Tube videos
  • They remember almost everything they hear and can repeat things back verbatim.

Disadvantages of Listener sales professional/entrepreneurs

  • Can seek out too many opinions and prevent them from taking action.
  • They do talk faster than most people can process
  • Noise can be very distracting. In important meetings or networking events it may be difficult to focus if there is external noise.
  • Occasionally can take things too personally if someone’s tone of voice is ‘off’.
  • Can be talked into something just as easily as they are talked out of something. Testimonials have a huge sway on their decisions.
Amber Fuhriman


  • Be most comfortable with the big picture
  • Be very direct, frank, or to the point
  • Be highly skilled with people
  • Understanding
  • Have the best sense of what’s fair
  • Analyze thoroughly
  • Be original and creative
  • Be a go getter,
  • Be a Pioneer
  • Bring people to a higher level of awareness
  • Be warm and affectionate


  • An auditory person’s biggest challenges are diplomacy and softening the delivery so people can hear the message.
  • Apply pressure
  • Be hostile
  • Be aggressive
  • Plant fears
  • Be demanding
  • Not work well under pressure
  • Humiliate others
  • Give the silent treatment
  • Not be very kinesthetic at all
  • Connects and speaks organically to 6.25% of their prospective future clients and target market due to their speech patterns and their communication and sales style.