As a business owner, it’s important to be transparent and vulnerable. Life happens, creeps up and surprises us, creates roadblocks, and forces us to pivot. Therefore, it’s essential to be realistic and open about your struggles.

It doesn’t matter what things look like on the outside; other things are happening on the inside. And despite having a seven-figure business and another approaching that level of success, as well as a handful of other successful businesses, I am also facing one of life’s greatest challenges.

During the COVID19 pandemic, my mother called me short of breath, and what I hoped would be just a bump in the road of an aging parent was actually the diagnosis of a terminal illness. My mother lives with a partner who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, and though they appear in the body of an aging person, they operate on a mental level closer to an elementary school child. When this diagnosis happened, I knew I would be taking on the bulk of her care, as well as the care of her partner. My home would become their home. My resources would become their resources. For a moment, I allowed myself to stand in front of one of the largest roadblocks a person can face, and then I pivoted.

I tell you this story because it’s so important as a business owner and as a coach to be open about my own struggles. So what do you do when your personal life starts to fall apart, and things get chaotic? What did I do in the moment of reflection when I stood in front of this roadblock?

I tried not to react emotionally. It’s hard in the moment not to let your emotions drive your actions, but take a beat, feel what you’re feeling, and try hard not to let your feelings cloud your judgment and influence your behavior.

I used the resources I had productively. I’m lucky to have more resources than most, but time is a resource that I found was the most precious and couldn’t seem to find enough of. This led me to adapt and adjust my schedule to address only what I deemed to be a priority. Obviously, I prioritized being the best daughter to my mother I could be and honoring her wishes. Then, I prioritized what I needed to do at work and let myself be flexible about everything else. I still held myself accountable but had to adapt a bit in how I would reach the goals I set for myself. I avoided busy work. If my work wasn’t helping me attain my goals or meet my priorities, it was unnecessary.

I continued to thrive and grow my business. I asked myself a series of questions, and none of them started with “why?” Asking “why” only creates trauma. I asked myself, what can I do? How can I do it? What needs to be shifted? How can I do things differently? When can I get done what I need to get done? My desired goals and outcomes didn’t change, but the action steps did. I hired people to help me, and I changed the way I did business. I showed up differently in my personal and professional life.

We don’t know what the future holds; all we know is that when we wake up, it’s today. We can only live and plan for today. The actions you take today will build your tomorrow. I have big goals, dreams, and aspirations, and I will attain them while also feeling my feelings and leaning on my support systems. I know I can’t barricade through this. I’m acknowledging I’m human and have emotions and feelings. It doesn’t matter what happens in our external environment; what does matter is within us.

Ask yourself, what roadblocks are in your way? How are you going to react and respond to them this year? How will you honor yourself and what’s happening in your life while also moving toward success? If you are struggling with a roadblock that is holding you back, reach out today.