Have you lost your umph? Do you even know? Or if you have, do you know when or where you lost it along the way?

Doing what I do and being out there as much as I am, I often get asked…

“Stacey, am I doing the right thing?” or “Am I in the right career?” or “Should I be doing something else?”

The thing is, there really is no easy way to answer these questions.

I do know that honeymoon feeling that you had when you first started your business or your career, that is the feeling you want all the time. You want that umph, that excitement, that passion, and that drive!

Have you lost your umph?

From my experience, when most people began their business or crafted their initial concept, they jumped in with both feet. Full of passion. Full of excitement. They were unstoppable and they were ready to change the world.

After some whips and lashes, after things didn’t go how they’d imagined it would go, they stepped back and lost their passion. They lost the honeymoon feeling and all the excitement.

So, ask yourself…

  •  Where am I?
  •  Do I still have the butterflies in my stomach?
  •  Do I still get really, really, really, excited when I get up in the morning, when I plan my day, and when speaking about what I do?

Or has it just become boring, burdensome, or tired? Has it just become one more thing to do?

That’s not why you started your business. That’s not why you decided to jump in feet first. You do what you do because you love it. And like any relationship in life, you must work at it. You want to work at it. In life, we are drawn to pursue our passions.

What if I have lost my Umph?

Now, there are some cases where people are going down the wrong road. I’ve coached many people who were very clear on their goals and once they got started, they realized it wasn’t the right fit. Most of the time, this happened because they set their goal based on the wrong reasons.

They weren’t filled with excitement, love, and passion. They were chasing the almighty buck. They may have started chasing the buck because of the desire, the excitement, and the interest in earning more and more. 

In the end, simply trying to earn more money was the furthest thing from what they should have been doing. This misses the mark. This misses the passion and the love. 

  •  If you’ve ever asked yourself… Am I doing the right thing?
  •  If you’ve ever found yourself… wondering when the day will be over.
  • Or, if you’ve ever found yourself… just going through the motions.

It’s time to acknowledge that, YES, you may have lost your umph!

Now that you know you’ve lost your umph, it’s time to take the steps to get it back! 

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