I get asked all the time how we have built multiple six and seven figure businesses. I see so many sales people, entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to build their businesses, and increase their sales and profitability. They read books on sales and learn different techniques closing techniques from seminars and that’s great however; I believe they are doing it all backwards.

The average sales person closes 10% of sales just because there is a need, want or desire for their product, service or solution. Putting that into perspective, that really means that they’re giving 90% of their perspective clients to their competition. A well-trained sales person, you know the ones, they know all of the ninja negotiating techniques like the Tom Hopkins “porcupine close”, their closing ratio can be upwards of 30%. Putting that into perspective, that means they are giving 70% of their prospective clients to their competition. My closing ratio is 88%. How often have you heard sales is a numbers game? Well it’s not! Sales is all about how you show up. Is there a process? Yes absolutely! Are there techniques? Yes! And you can and will learn them all, easily and effortlessly. Reality is, there is a first step to everything and the middle is not it.

Let’s get real; where you go, you follow.

So many of us out there were either raised by people who grew up during the great depression or we were raised by people who were raised by people from that same era. That era, although produced the greatest number of millionaires, created a scarcity mindset and mentality. It doesn’t matter how many different ninja negotiation techniques we learn or know, if you show up with a limiting mindset, self-doubt or a scarcity mentality your closing ratio will be “average”. If you have ever found yourself saying something along the lines of “I can’t afford that” or “I can’t do that” or “I don’t have enough time to…..” or a sleuth of excuses that prevent you from having what you want, then yes we are talking about you. Whoever started their business out to be wildly mediocre? This isn’t easy so why would you ever strive for anything but going for it all, shooting for the moon.

So, the first step to becoming successful starts with you.

Your development. Your transformation. Your evolution. You can’t expect to create different results with the same processes. How would your computer and / or software operate if you never installed updates? Image using dos 2.0 today. Well, when was the last time you updated your brain?

Once you learn how to operate from an empowered mind, and in an empowered state and learn how to step into states that serve your purpose at the time. You become unstoppable. Your ability to influence people and move them through their desired outcomes becomes easy and effortless.

Once you have updated yourself, allowed yourself to transform and evolve, that is when you step into the other steps; marketing and prospecting, both offline and online, communication, sales, follow up, delivery of services, etc.

Success is easy and it all starts with you.

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