Success lies outside of your comfort zone. This might sound cliche, and stay with me here. It’s like the old saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. You can’t do the same thing in your business, over-and-over again, and expect for anything to change or get better. You must step out of your comfort zone. You must get comfortable being uncomfortable.

One of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility to build my business in a way that lights me up. And, I know that building my dream business is hard work. It’s not always easy. There are difficult, and sometimes even scary things that need to be done. Oftentimes, those difficult and scary things are the most rewarding. That’s what I mean when I say get comfortable being uncomfortable! 

I am always working with my clients to help them get comfortable being uncomfortable, too. This is because they know and I know that they grow at an accelerated rate by achieving things outside of their comfort zone. Especially by learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Or as I like to say, learning to be Comfortably Uncomfortable

Here’s why you need to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

By continually expanding your comfort zone, you uncover new possibilities that you couldn’t even fathom in the past. You need to experience new things to truly understand that there is more out there. Bigger. Better. It’s all right on the other side of your comfort zone. 

Here’s the thing… 

Every time we grow, things get easier.

Every time we learn, things get easier.

Every time we experience new learning and we embrace being uncomfortable, we grow a little bit. And, every time we grow, it allows us to see things, know things, and feel things differently. 

When we see, know, and feel things in our life differently, we can now see other things that we were previously incapable of seeing. 

And when does growth and learning happen the most frequently? 

  • When we’re uncomfortable. 
  • When we put ourselves in situations we’ve never before experienced. 
  • When we’re learning something for the first time. 
  • When we’re trying something new.

That’s when we grow and that’s when we learn!

It’s typically that first step. When we first step into the world of the unknown that makes us who we are and who we’re meant to be. 

Every new possibility we encounter outside of our comfort zone will impact what we think we want out of life. So, each time you break out of your comfort zone, you need to be flexible and have an open mind as to what is next for you and your business based on the new knowledge you possess. 

I know you and your business. You have a product, service, and solution that offer significant value to your target market. In order for you to take your business to the next level, you must be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Period. You’ll have to talk to people you’ve never talked to before. You’ll have to ask questions that you’ve never asked before. And, you’ll have to do things that you’ve never done before. Don’t be scared. It will be worth it. 

The definition of entrepreneur is risk taker for financial gain. So, are you a true entrepreneur? Are you taking the risk and stepping into the unknown? Are you comfortable getting uncomfortable?

Now that you know WHY you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable, I bet you’re wondering HOW to do it. If you want to learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, I have the exact steps and exercises you need to take to make it happen! 

Check out my audio training, Comfortably Uncomfortable, for a complete roadmap of how-to step outside of your comfort zone to accelerate your success!

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