After coming out of the holiday season and filling your cup with time spent with loved ones and relaxation, it’s time to enact the plan you’ve dreamt up for 2023. Start your year in a millionaire mindset and create a millionaire-like plan for success. In order to craft this type of plan, you need to remember the six p’s. Prior proper planning prevents poor performance. There is strength, validity, and stability in using this statement, so lean on it going forward. 

Preparation Is Key

In order to put your millionaire-like plan into action, you first need a clear vision. Understand who your ideal avatar is. Visualize and see them in your mind. Describe who they are, and be specific when doing so. If you know who they are, they become more effortless for you to find them and for them to find you. 

Know what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. Ask yourself what resources you need to meet your goals, and have a deep understanding of what your goals are. Do you want to increase your revenue and sales percentage? Do you want to decrease your hours? If you’re like me, you’ll want to do both. I seek to serve as many people as possible without burning myself out and encourage others to do the same. Figure out how you can protect your time, so you are able to make a larger impact on the people you serve best. 

Take a look at your business. What products and services do you offer? Understand what percentage of your products will contribute to your success and have clarity on your offerings and how much revenue they are drawing in. Break down what you need to sell each day, week, and month to meet your goals. Understanding how much money you need to make in a day will give you clarity on your marketing strategy. 

Understand that you cannot make “a million dollars” if you don’t know what you need to sell in a day to make that million. And if you’re sitting here wondering how much money you need to make daily to reach a million dollars, the answer is $2,739 in 24 hours. You can only make a million dollars if you are averaging that amount a day, but success becomes easy when you break down your vision and plan and begin to take action toward making the money you need to become a millionaire. 

Success Is A Science 

Most people don’t know what they don’t know. It’s important to understand what holds you back and prevents you from achieving your goals and dreams. Reflect on what your limitations or limiting beliefs are. Figure out a way to get rid of them. Know that if limitations exist, you have to take action to shift away from them. Only then will success become easy. Choosing not to take action is no longer a limitation but a choice. 

Maybe you are unconsciously or consciously sabotaging yourself. What you really need to do is tap into your advanced communication and negotiation skills. Avoid being an order taker; just collecting 10% of the sales because there’s a need. When you are an order taker, you are leaving 90% of your business to find other service providers. If someone has found you, you need to move them into your sales funnel. They’ve done the hard work to find what they need; all you need to do is close the sale so they don’t purchase an inferior product because your communication skills don’t match your product and their expectations. 

Maybe this year you’ll try to become an order maker – someone who is closing 30% of deals because they are tapping into communication and negotiation skills. They are ninjas, but remember, they are still giving 70% of their business to others. 

I have a closing percentage of 88% in a one-on-one setting. I’m leaving 12% of the people who sit in front of me to find other providers. My closing ratio in a room is 40%-60%, whereas most others are between 5-10%. It’s because I understand the science behind success and am able to channel my millionaire mindset and enact my millionaire-like plan in every situation.

If you want a different 2023, you need to show up differently. Are you ready to be a millionaire, or do you want to say that’s your desired outcome and make excuses about why it’s not happening? Join me in learning the science behind success, and develop your own millionaire mindset this year. Let’s chat.