Many people struggle with the feeling that they cannot bring in enough money, which is a pain point many of us in business face. In order to gain control of your finances, celebrate Financial Literacy Month with us this April! This month you can improve your financial fitness by shifting your inner energy, and we have several tips on how. 

Understand that money is nothing but an exchange of energy. 

Unfortunately, your relationship with money has been imprinted in you, and you must reprogram your relationship with money in order to see a change in your success. Let go of how you once viewed money and tied it to your success, and start viewing it as an exchange of the energy you put forth to put out a superior product. 

Get control over your subconsciousness and project yourself in a way others will want to do business with. 

Our subconscious records every moment in our lives; it assigns emotions and feelings to these events. We’re only aware of that process ten percent of the time. What happens during the other 90%? It becomes part of an energy field that you bring with you. When you are interacting in business, understand that your energy field emanates from you before you even engage with others. Our conscious mind is arrogant to think it runs 100 percent of our lives, but really your unconscious mind is our operating system. 

Define success for yourself. 

When we envision success, our brain processes in pictures, and we often seek to replicate what we think success looks like as we’ve seen in others. Create your definition of success, because it will dictate your priorities and look for success in every aspect of your life. You need to feel positive about every facet of your life, or your business success will suffer. Financial success will follow when you have a clear definition of success and begin to feel successful inside and outside of your business.

Embrace the journey.

The statistics are stacked against entrepreneurs; 97% give up or fail. Only three percent make it, and fewer achieve wealth. Success is born from hard work, and it is not instantaneous. Failure is part of the journey. It’s a growth tool and gives you the feedback you need to evolve. Be sure not to push away the learning and lessons that come from failure.

Stop letting money define your success. 

We often use money as the measure of how we feel instead of whether or not we are following our passions. Happiness should come from within you, and you shouldn’t be engaging in tasks that don’t bring you joy. During your decision-making, ask yourself if the actions you are taking are bringing you closer to happiness and success. If not, disengage.  

Align your energy with your financial success. 

Ninety percent of our thoughts are about what we don’t want to happen. Your energy goes where your focus flows. Unfortunately, if you spend your day thinking about what you don’t want to happen, that will likely happen. If your energy is off, your actions suffer, and if your actions suffer, your energy shifts negatively. When you find yourself at a roadblock in your success, take time to recenter your energy. 

Demand what you deserve. 

Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth. You can only do this if you are asking for prosperity because you genuinely believe you deserve it. You have to feel worthy first and stop sabotaging yourself when you are valued at what you are worth. Be sure you communicate your value in a confident way that isn’t arrogant. There is a vast difference between confidence and arrogance. If you communicate your value confidently and allow others to see how you will help them by showing compassion, caring, and empathy, you will find the financial success you’ve always wanted and deserved. 

Hire a coach. 

In order to reach the financial success we deserve, our blind spots need to be illuminated. These blindspots live in our subconscious, and though we may know there is something we are missing, we may be unable to tell what that is. Hiring a coach will help to illuminate your blind spots and improve your business practice. If you are looking for a coach to help you reach your financial goals, contact us today