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Amber Fuhriman

Feeler Entrepreneur

This sales professional/entrepreneur is all about how things make them feel and how they make others feel. They need to continually do a gut check, they need to feel the ideas and solutions both physically and emotionally before taking action. This creates struggles with slow decision-making and feeling too “salesy” when things don’t feel right.

They’re the ones who talk to customers with a slower and rhythmic pace because they want to ensure the people they are communicating with feel good through their conversations. They rarely put a lot of thought into things and rely very heavily on their gut instinct and how things make them feel, how things feel to them and how they make others feel.

The feeler sales professional/entrepreneur likes a hands on approach, they need to tap into the emotions of the ideas in order to make decisions. They struggle with taking action if they can’t.

A feeler needs to be able to connect with a cause in a business opportunity and they need people to come to them. They need clients referred to them because approaching people from a sales capacity shuts them down. They are afraid to upset people and are very uncomfortable with the feeling of having to sell. They can feel like sales and slimy and sleezy and it makes them too uncomfortable. They manage their environment as if it’s a family and friend gathering.

The feeler sales professional/entrepreneur is uncomfortable with risks and they do gain the advantage of strong long term relationships, however it is a very slow process.

Additional potential advantages of feelers:

  • They understand connection well
  • They feel people’s energy
  • They have a strong grip on balance/life harmony
  • They are good at building relationships
  • They come across as very caring and sensitive
  • They are concerned about how others feel

Additional potential disadvantages of feelers:

  • They avoid sales
  • They often move and talk very slowly
  • Can get their feelings hurt very easily
  • They feel people’s energy and can get drained easily
  • Can come across as weak in business due to their emotional and sensitive nature
  • Learning new things is a little more difficult for them because they learn by doing
Amber Fuhriman


  • Even-tempered
  • Very accommodating
  • Extremely patient
  • Humble
  • Caring
  • Sensitive and tactful
  • Tend to stand close to people
  • Can be very outgoing because they love to be around people
  • Tend to be extremely sensitive to the environment and to people


  • A kinesthetic person’s biggest challenges are discerning where the feeling is coming from (self or other)
  • Be defensive about feelings
  • Have a hard time receiving criticism or suggestions
  • Need reassurance
  • Be disorganized and manipulative
  • Wants attention
  • Be highly emotional
  • Have difficulty disciplining his/her feelings
  • Be dependent on others
  • Success in sales tends to be harder for them due to their need to avoid any interaction that feels salesy
  • When they do approach a sales conversation they tend to do it inferentially to avoid coming across as salesy and it tends to be after their competition has already engaged with their prospective client
  • Connects and speaks organically to 6.25% of their prospective future clients and target market due to their speech patterns and their communication and sales style.