Everything in your life, the results that you’ve gotten up to today, and your potential for the future are all about the quality of the mindset that you possess right now. Shifting your perspective can change the level of success that you achieve. Do you have to or do you get to? The options are very different and when you understand them from a different perspective, you can then make a massive shift in your life.

Today, we’re going to talk about obligation vs. opportunity. In other words, the have to vs. the get to. Your mindset determines every second for the rest of your life. Your mindset determines what your results are going to be. If you have to do something, that is very heavy energy to carry. If you get to do something, that is invigorating and exciting, it’s something that can drive you.

I hear people say, “Wow, I had a really bad day today.” The reality is that we never, ever, ever have a bad day. You can have bad moments in a day. You can have good moments in a day. Whether or not the whole day is defined by a culmination of moments is 100% determined by you. And that is 100% determined by your mindset.

For me, every day is good, great, fantastic, and phenomenal. I live my life understanding that choice is a powerful thing and suffering is always optional. I live my life understanding that everything I do is a choice.  

I never have to do anything because I can choose not to do it.    

The Have To’s and The Get To’s

When it comes to building a business, I often hear people say, “I have to market. I have to network. I’m so sick of having to be on Zoom.”

Hearing all of those have-to’s becomes such weighted energy. It’s almost unbearable. 

Newsflash: You don’t have to market. You don’t have to network. And, you don’t have to sit on Zoom. You can choose to keep living in the status quo. It’s your choice, it’s an option, it’s a privilege. 

You Get To Network.

There’s a whole world of entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals out there looking for ways to grow their businesses. Some of them have to and some of them get to. 

Each and every one of them knows people. They have an entire relationship database, both personal and professional. Do you have to go out and get to know them and create a relationship with them… or do you get to?

The beautiful thing about networking is that you get to leverage relationships. You get to become a center of influence. You get to become the go-to person to help people. 

When you put yourself out there to network, it is far from being a have-to. It is so much a get-to. It is an honor and a privilege for someone to allow me to spend time with them and build a relationship. So why wouldn’t you want to network?

You Get To Pivot.

I hear people say all the time that they had to pivot. I had to change the way I did business. I had to change the way I grew my business.

Embrace change. You have the opportunity to shift, change, grow, and evolve. 

You Get To Improve Yourself.

When it comes to personal and professional development, I often hear people say, “I have to read this book.” Or. “I have to do this homework my coach assigned.”

How can it be a have-to if you get to work on yourself and create a better version of yourself? You get to show up and be more excellent than you were the day before. when you get to do something, you have to  understand that you must also be grateful for the opportunity that the forces around you have presented that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. 

Do you look at things as an obligation or as an opportunity?

There is no good reason to lead with negativity. If you don’t approach every day with optimism, you are not operating at full capacity. 

If you want to be a success magnet, attract quality people, and significantly increase your sales and ultimately, your success – you’re in the right place! If you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, let’s chat.