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What you feed grows and what you starve dies. Mastering your mindset and skillsets allows you to step into your success and create the future, life and business you dream of, desire and deserve.

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Learn about the networking pitfalls and how to attract centers of influence. Discover the different types of commercials you can use to deliver your powerful message. Track your ROI on networking.


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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I have always been good at what I do. I was a good student, a good musician, a good artist, a good personal trainer. When I first met Stacey I was a good holistic health & nutrition coach.

Going through the NLP and Integrated Time Line curriculum has taken my coaching from good to great.

That’s a direct result of Stacey’s ability to teach a set of powerful tools in a way that makes them easy to absorb and implement.

The TRUE gift was hiding in amongst the teaching. By learning—which included practicing and implementing for ourselves—I began to shift. How I perceived the world changed, as did how I related to myself and others.

I am no longer held hostage by the old beliefs and patterns that had me showing up as “good.” I now have the belief and knowing that I am great at what I do. And my clients are proof.

Stacey is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met. Even when calling people out, she does it with so much love, it’s evident that her intention is for their highest good. Words barely scratch the surface in expressing the deep gratitude I have for Stacey and her commitment to changing the world.

Naomi Paulson Calderon

I had a couple of other coaches before I met Stacey O’Byrne.
They were good!Good…
My life was good! But only good as well…
When I chose to REALLY take my life to the next level and stop being drugged by my own voice repeating the same excuses and non-sense explanations about why I was not where I REALLY want to be and justifying my lack of action towards my goals on “I already did everything and don’t know what else I can do” story, I finally started working with someone that knows her stuff…
What is different about Stacey?
First of all she “uncoaches” you: she leads you to remove all the debris from what didn’t work in your past but for whatever reason you still carry them in your life experience backpack… and hey they are heavy! They hold you back in a very, very slow pace towards your brilliant future, until you give up…
Other amazing aspect about Stacey is that she LISTENS to you: she absolutely gets deeply what you say and what you didn’t say but you mean it, and then THE WORK starts…
And I said WORK, because it implies YOUR WORK!!!
It is about your life and you have a job to do to achieve what you want…
Then she supports you to build up your self-stem, discover what you want to do next, encouraging you to take action towards your goals and being fascinated about the possibility of REALLY live the life you deserve.
And then you two create a plan that takes you there, she is your GPS, showing you the routes where prosperity, fun, joy, happiness and fulfillment are.
And because on top of all that she is tough, kind, tough, loving, tough, caring, tough, 100% committed to your success…
I am grateful for all she did to me AND I send to her everybody I know that REALLY wants to do whatever it takes to live the life of their dreams…
Hope YOU that is reading this here, feel in your heart that YOUR TIME IS NOW, and understand and accept the CALL FROM YOUR INNER SELF to finally do what you came to this planet to do and not settle your life lower than to EXCELLENCE.
Good luck, you deserve it!

Katia Ferreira
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