Have you asked yourself what is preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself in any facet of your life? Have you ever really thought about it? What’s stopping you from having everything you want to have?

Are you struggling with perfectionism? 

Often, we find ourselves paralyzed when we are laser-focused on trying to do everything perfectly. We beat ourselves up when things go wrong and then fear making mistakes going forward. This can lead to procrastination. We find ourselves waiting until tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year to avoid making mistakes and feeling failure. This stagnancy is a symptom of perfectionism.   

Do you not know what you don’t know? 

It’s hard to get started when you lack this information. If we cannot see our blindspots and don’t have anyone to illuminate them for us, we cannot succeed in the way we expect. 

Are you busy instead of productive? 

Are you constantly in motion and feeling exhausted by all the actions you are taking but getting nowhere? If you don’t have a solid definition of success and a plan on how to reach it, you are simply showing up and throwing up, and you won’t make forward progress. 

Really think about what the best version of yourself looks like. Visualize it. Allow yourself to feel what the best version of you would be or could be. What do you hear? What do you see?

Picture the best version of your business. Who are you serving? When you have the best day, sale, vacation, or workout of your life, how long does that feeling last? We want it to last forever or as long as we allow it to. But so few take action to accomplish what it is they want and grab hold of this feeling regularly. 

Really meet yourself. Identify how you show up in life and in business. Understand how you show up for yourself and others. Understand the good, bad, and ugly parts of yourself. Don’t make room to beat yourself up about where you are falling short. You need all of your energy for success. Don’t spend unnecessary time pursuing perfection or holding pity parties. You will lose important time in creating success. You need to believe in yourself every minute of every day. You may not know what giving 100 percent feels like, what it feels like to really show up fully, but once you do, you will be able to bring that all of the time and know when you’re not. You’ll know if you’re making a choice not to place effort where it’s important. 

Embrace the person who got you here today; they got you this far. Love yourself for that. And grow, evolve, and transform into the person you get to be. Understand that failure is only feedback. It exists in learning. Give each aspect of your life 100 percent, 100 percent of the time. Show up in a state of excellence. Be the best version of yourself.