Today’s Guest: Annette Gillanders

Annette is a holistic leadership development and executive coach, her purpose is to build courageous leaders and to transform organizations, teams and individuals to reset, realign leadership styles and skills to company (and personal) values to achieve business objectives.

Annette fuses over 30 years of business knowledge acumen in business and leadership, supported by evidence-based tools of positive psychology, wellbeing strategies and neuroscience.

On this episode:

Stacey is joined by by entrepreneur and CEO of Biznorth Pty LTD Annette Gillanders for a discussion on the factors that create a great team, business pivots, and trusting yourself.

Key Takeaways

-If you’re always comofortable in the room you’re in… find a new room.

-Self-discovery exists in your blind spots. Invest in a coach.

-Keep your focus on solving problems.

Tweetable Quotes:

“There was a time I had to remind myself I wasn’t defined by my bank account.” -Annette Gillanders

“We cannot continuously focus on the negative and expect positive results.” -Stacey O’Byrne

“I’ve always been a service providor. I feel successful when I know I’m helping as many people as I can.” -Annette Gillanders

“What people care about is solving their problem… ask yourself if you are actually solving problems.” -Stacey O’Byrne

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