Today’s Guest: Jenna Spencer

Jenna’s entrepreneur journey begins at a desk, in the corner of her little girl’s bedroom. Jenna Spencer was a mom to young children when she started desperately searching for something to fulfill her passion as both a professional and a mom. Compromising family time for a demanding corporate job had hit its expiration date. Being raised by a Mary Kay Senior Sales Director, Jenna had an entrepreneur’s spirit and knew there was an opportunity out there. Finding the right fit for her was key.

Taking a chance on a Craigslist ad, Jenna became the assistant to two EOS Implementers™ in 2014 (St. Patrick’s Day to be exact). She quickly fell in love with not only the role but the process and culture of EOS®. During a “Visionary Conversation” with her clients just 6 months later, the idea of AssistPro™ was created. With their mentorship, guidance, and promotion, Jenna was able to pay forward the amazing work-life balance she found to others within her network searching for the same things.

Today, AssistPro™ provides top-notch operational and administrative support to 100s of business coaches and entrepreneurs while providing a rewarding work-life balance to the assistants on their team. Jenna has also created Delegation Mastery, a proven process to help entrepreneurs and leaders delegate everything outside their unique zone of genius, allowing them to experience hyper growth personally and professionally.

On this episode:

Stacey is joined by entrepreneur and founder of Assist Pro LLC Jenna Spencer for a conversation on delegating successfully, taking chances, and finding the right people.

Key Takeaways

-Business relationships must be genuine.

-Delegate successfully.

-Prove yourself through the service you provide.

Tweetable Quotes:

“My mother allowed me to learn in my own way. I grew up sorrounded by creativity.” -Jenna Spencer

“Successful people achieve clarity on what they need first and what they need most.” -Stacey O’Byrne

“I reached a point where I decided I couldn’t NOT do this. It was my chance to give people an opportunity to do rewarding work from home .” -Jenna Spencer

“Few entrepreneurs put necessary time in planning and strategy. When we wing it, we’ll get wing it level results.” -Stacey O’Byrne

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