Today’s guest: Dale Fukuda

Dale Fukuda has been successful in Business for over 50 years: He is actively involved with ABAIE (Asian Business Association ­ Inland Empire) He is a Certified Trainer of NLP & Time Line Therapy graduate. Dale is currently a leader with LifeWave. He has 3 sons, 2 daughters, 2 grandsons & 5 granddaughters. Dales loves to travel, and is a big foodie. Would like to travel the rivers of France, Germany & Italy stopping at wineries along the way for food pairing. He believes that a better a person is balanced in the mind, body & spirit, the more value that person has to help touch each person in a positive way.

On this episode:

Stacey is joined by entrepreneur Dale Fukuda for a conversation on strategy, starting over after setbacks, and realizing the value you bring.

Key Takeaways:

-Check your ego at the door.

-Preparation is important. Winging it is not a long term strategy.

-Starting over is believing in yourself despite setbacks.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I now consider sales a recommendation of a belief level” -Dale Fukuda

“We pursue success because we decide we want to.” -Stacey O’Byrne

“I built an eight million dollar printing business, and it all went away after a divorce. Everything. I had to start over.” -Dale Fukuda

“Our ego is what usually convinces us not to do something.” -Stacey O’Byrne

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