Monica Rangel is often described as a woman on the go, she is a great resource to her community. If you need something done, she often knows who can help get it done.

As a successful financial professional for the last 14 years, she has gotten to know many aspects of her business. She provides financial planning services in the area of retirement planning, college funding, estate planning, buy sell agreements, executive bonus plans, deferred compensation, 401k roll over’s to IRA’s, Long Term Care planning and Income Protection planning with use of Life Insurance.

Monica grew up in Anaheim, a graduate of California State University Fullerton, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration.

On the episode:

Stacey is joined by Monica Rangel for an eye-opening conversation on balance, networking, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Takeaways:

-Investment in yourself will always be most important.

-Networking starts with listening.

-Work/Life harmony over Work/Life balance.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Income insurance is peace of mind. It has tangible value.” -Monica Rangel

“Conversations about success aren’t comfortable because it requires discussing why things didn’t work.” -Stacey O’Byrne

“You learn just as much from what didn’t work as you do from what did work. It all plays part in the improvement.” -Stacey O’Byrne

“WHen you love what you do, you no longer strive for work/life balance. You merge them. You love your life and you love your work.” -Monica Rangel

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