Jim Wehmeier is the Director of Sales for The Nations Network, one of the top real estate teams in St. Louis. With 11 years in the business and a background in construction, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients. Jim coaches his sales team on mindset, goal setting, and intentional practice. Through daily sales huddles and weekly accountability meetings, he helps them achieve goals they never thought possible. Jim is a certified practitioner of Neurolinguistics programming.

On this Episode:

On this episode of Sell Without Selling, Stacey welcomes Jim Wehmeier to discuss a coach’s influence, success mindset, and how ego will affect you not just in business but in every day life. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Make failure your friend.
  • Ego could handcuff your progress. 
  • Coaches are there to help you realize your own potential.

Tweetable Quote:

“I was drawn to real estate initially because I felt I had a sense of control in how much I can earn in the time I was willing to give up.” -Jim Wehmeier

“Seven years ago success was strictly about money. Now, it’s being happy in whatever journey I’m on.” -Jim Wehmeier

“People focus too much on benchmarks. When they don’t get there they get discouraged and now the benchmark becomes a setback.” -Stacey O’byrne

Jim Wehmeier:

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