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Naomi Calderon

Success Architect
Master NLP Coach
Private & Group Coaching

Having spent nearly 2 decades in the wellness industry, Naomi Calderon believes we all have it in us to thrive. It was her own experience working with amazing coaches and healers that prompted her to pursue coaching as a career.

For over 10 years now Naomi has worked with dynamic, driven women that have a desire to feel amazing in their own skin, lead by example and pursue their dreams with purpose and passion.

Despite her experience and expertise as a holistic practitioner, in her mid-40’s, Naomi struggled with adrenal fatigue and burnout. Like most entrepreneurs, she was following the “hustle hard” model of doing business.

Through her own process of healing, she discovered that achieving her dreams didn’t require her to work harder, frantically chasing success.
Prioritizing self care and mastering mindset were the true keys to achieving real results, clarity and growth.

She began to understand what she first learned on the yoga mat years ago: crafting a life you love is about marrying effort with ease, not pushing the boulder up a hill.

Naomi now uses these same techniques with women leaders and entrepreneurs to ditch the fraud of “busy”.

When you unlock these secrets you can finally trade in the “hustle hard” mindset for true momentum, energy and freedom.

“When you stop buying into “hustle hard” you’re more fully available to make transformative [MASSIVE] impact on your business, your family, your community and the world,” says Naomi.

There is a world of possibility available to you. It requires you to stop the struggle and listen to the whisperings (or for some of us, the arm-waving shouts) of your soul. You simply have to decide that you’re unwilling to settle for anything less.

Naomi is married to Daniel Gray Bear (Mato Hota), a Native Elder & Healer. Their dream is to purchase land and create a sacred healing space where they can hold traditional ceremonies and healing retreats.

A speaker, author and coach, Naomi holds certifications in Holistic Health & Nutrition, NLP Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Integrated Time Line Therapy, and as a Successology Certified Coach.
She has taught at numerous private, public and corporate facilities, including Yahoo!, Google and AOL. She maintains her status as a member of AADP (the American Association of Drugless Practitioners).