About Our Team

About Pivot Point Advantage

Pivot Point Advantage is a premiere sales and leadership training company. We pride ourselves in our innovative training programs which formats deliver continual and lasting results. With a unique balance between classroom instructions, skill set development, coaching and experiential learning our clients achieve exceptional results and transformation.

Our training’s are designed to create lasting performance and development as opposed to a motivational quick fix which is more likely to be experienced in a seminar environment. To help you accomplish your goals we have created a system that combines quality materials and experienced coaching along with access to ongoing training workshops and individualized one on one coaching sessions.

At Pivot Point Advantage we believe that your success is a direct result of our performance. We mean business about your business. We are the pivotal foundation of your company’s success. When failure is not an option, Pivot Point is your Advantage!


Meet Our Team

Stacey O’Byrne

President & CEO

MaryLou Hunter

MaryLou Hunter

Vice President

MaryLou Hunter

Kiana Langfeldt

Success Strategist, Certified NLP Master Trainer

Stacey O’Byrne

Joy Emoto

Client Success Strategist & Marketing Manager