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San Diego, CA

Stacey O’Byrne

Stacey O’Byrne

Success Strategist
Master NLP Coach

At first glance, you’ll find that Stacey is a wife, a parent, a proud U.S. Army Veteran, and a serial entrepreneur. In many ways, she’s a lot like you and your team.

When you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn that she’s also a success strategist, a change maker, a game-changer, a transformational specialist, and a success creator!

Stacey is a speaker (but you already knew that – that’s why you’re here) and an author, too!

Her first book, Secrets to Becoming a Master Networker: A Power System which Creates Leverage and Duplication to Increase Revenue, was published in 2013. She was blessed and privileged to have had THE Les Brown write the foreword and personally endorse this book and her trainings.

She is co-author of multiple books, including:

  • Impact: Where Passion and Purpose Makes a Difference with her business partner, MaryLou Hunter
  • Messages that Matter: Public Speaking for the Information Age a textbook that provides practical instruction on public speaking.
  • Savvy Women Revving Up For Success: Women Making a Difference in the World Today with a group of 20 savvy women contributing authors.

Coming soon! Stacey’s latest book, The Success Code – Thrive or Survive, is just about ready for release! This book has been a true labor of love. Stacey is looking forward to the impact her little baby will have on the world. It was written to help create the necessary shifts that people are seeking to achieve their desired success.

Stacey speaks and presents from a place of authenticity, excitement, and experience. It’s not all about her. It’s about YOU, your team, and how you can achieve massive success.

Corryn Kivett, MNLP, TT

Corryn Kivett, MNLP, TT

Lead Trainer / Master Coach
San Diego, CA

Corryn is a NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Integrated TimeLine, and a certified NLP Master Successology™. Corryn Kivett’s introduction to the personal development world started at a young age when she began listening to Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field cd’s. Fast forward 15 years, Corryn became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional working in Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch in San Diego, CA. 

After personally turning her dreams into reality through learning NLP, Corryn decided to professionally launch the Evolution Room and partner with Pivot Point Advantage to bring NLP to San Diego, CA, fulfilling on her mission to give business professionals the tools, resources and environment to discover, create and build the life and business they desire. Corryn believes that it takes courage to change and follow your dreams, courage that every one has the choice to tap into.

Corryn is a dancer, world traveler and fitness connoisseur who loves to spend her free time with family and close friends.