For me, there are very specific things that I like to do to create the immense amount of success that I dream of, that I desire, and I know I deserve. For me, it becomes very methodical. 

I often talk about gratitude, appreciation, and creating a foundation and a platform for success by planning and gaining my learnings from the year. Creating your own success takes reflection, projection, speculation, planning, and business sense.

So let’s get into it. I want to share as many tips as I can so that you can have the most stable, strongest platform to catapult your own success.

Here are 7 tips to create your own success:

1. Take time for reflection.

Sure, the end of the year is a great time for reflection, however, you can take time at any point in the year to reflect on what it is that’s moving you toward success.

Analyze and get clarity on what works and what doesn’t work for you and your business. Think about the things that you’ve reacted to and the things that you’ve responded to. Then, think about what makes those different. 

Take time to reflect and analyze and use what you learn as a platform of stability.

2. Do a SWOT analysis.

Evaluate yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  

When you conduct your SWOT analysis, try doing it from a multitude of perspectives. Do this for yourself, your staff, your contractors, and your business as its own entity. Then, take stock of the market, your competitors, industry trends, and the economy. Use all of that information to create a clear picture of what is really going on.

The more you are aware of what is going on around you, the more successfully you can plan. 

3.  Look for room to improve.  

After I conduct my SWOT analysis, I like to put together a development plan based on my findings. Then I begin researching what is out there that will help me to improve myself. I look for ways that I can improve in areas like sales, business, mentoring, and coaching.

4. Schedule a planning meeting with your team. 

Take time to put together all of the puzzle pieces and work out what it is you want in the coming months, or maybe even year. Some of this I will do on my own, but some of it needs to be done by my team. The only way to get team buy-in is to have a team planning meeting where they become privy to the big picture and the success goals that we are striving together to achieve.

5. Schedule recharging time.

For me, having time on my calendar to recharge is non-negotiable. Each year,  I schedule my vacation blocks at the beginning of the year and everything else gets filled in around that. 

Then, within each day, I also schedule times to get grounded and meditate. Each day, I set times to go for 10-15 minute walks. This recharges me and keeps me going.  

6. Budget.

It is so important to know how much money is coming in and to know how much money you will allocate for things like marketing, payroll, personal development, and contracted services. You also need a budget for overhead.

If you don’t budget, you don’t know.  Plan it like a business, budget it like a business and run it like a business.

7. Remember the people that helped you.

Thank the people who have supported you, both personally and in business. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Success will not happen when you are alone. Acknowledge those who have gotten you to where you are. These same people can take you farther. You might be surprised just how far a simple thank you can go.   

If you want to be a success magnet, attract quality people, and significantly increase your sales and ultimately, your success – you’re in the right place! If you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, let’s chat.